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Which Cat Harness to Choose

Which Cat Harness to Choose



    – Cat Harness: The learning phase

    – Walking on a leash: harness or collar?

    – Which leash should I choose?

    – Safety harness for cats

    – What price?


The cat harness (or leash) is an essential element for outdoor walks for a pet living in an apartment. It can also be equipped with a collar and a tag.

Cat harness: training

Cats that have access to the outdoors do not need to be walked on a leash. They walk, hunt, and sleep outside. But with your cat who lives in an apartment, you may want to let him discover nature when the nice days arrive. However, for an adult cat, learning to walk on a leash is not at all obvious. It’s best to get your kitten used to go out to avoid panic:

    – Start by getting the kitten used to wear a harness or leash indoors for a few minutes a day.

    – When you feel comfortable, you can try to take her out.

    – Choose a quiet place (a large park, for example) so she won’t be frightened. Take his carrier with you so you can place him in it in case of a panic attack.

Please note: if, despite a few attempts, your cat remains frightened of the outdoors, don’t insist, as this may cause undue stress.

Walking on a leash: harness or collar?

Cat Harness

A cat that’s not used to going outside can panic:

    – If he’s wearing a collar, he can hurt himself by over-pulling. And even the most energetic cats may be able to break free, even if it’s on a tight leash.

    – When walking a cat on a leash, it’s best to use a harness, which is much safer.

Which leash should I choose?

You can find 2 models of leash for cats:

    – the simple nylon leash;

    – the retractable leash.

It is advisable to proceed in stages:

    – The nylon leash may be more suitable for the first outings because you can control your cat better.

    – If your cat is not shy and is comfortable outdoors, you can switch to the retractable leash, giving him more movement. But keep an eye on his movements because he can quickly get tangled up around a tree or a post!

Cat safety harness

If your cat can handle car travel well, you may choose not to put him in a carrier but instead equip him with a cat safety harness:

    – Some attach to the car’s seatbelt buckle.

    – They allow the cat to travel safely in the car without the risk of being thrown forward during a sudden braking.

What price?

Whether it is for a harness or a leash, count between $5 and $15 approximately.

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