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What Toys Should I Get for My Cat

What Toys Should I Get for My Cat


    – Presentation of toys for cats

    – Which toys for cats?

    – When is the best time to play?

    – Do-it-yourself cat toys

Toys for cats are much more than accessories because they contribute to the feline’s well-being. Indeed, the cat is a hunter in the soul, and its instinct pushes it to imitate the hunt by playing.

Presentation of games for cats

Cats love interactive hunting and chasing games above all else. They have their unique way of playing:

    – When interacting with him, you may find that he stops very quickly if you stop participating. He needs your presence to have fun.

    – In general, the games he enjoys most are the ones where you are waving something around. A piece of string or Bolduc, a ball, a toy specially designed for cats, and many accessories are suitable for playing with your pet.

    – But don’t expect your cat to bring back something you throw at it – it’s not a dog. As the excellent cat that he is, he’ll keep it to himself!

Toys for cats: which ones?

What Toys Should I Get for My Cat

There are many cat toys, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. We generally find the following types of toys:

    – Balls and tumblers that stimulate the hunting and chasing instinct;

    – fishing rods and feather dusters that allow you to play with your cat without risking a clumsy scratch;

    – mice and stuffed animals, often filled with catnip to stimulate the cat;

    – Tunnel, which stimulates the play instinct because the cat can hide in it (but you need to have room);

    – laser a safe bet, but be careful not to point it at the cat’s eyes

    – play area, such as a tunnel, which is a stimulating play area but takes up space;

    – a treat-dispensing toy, a great way to keep your cat occupied while you’re away.

When is the best time to play?

What Toys Should I Get for My Cat

You’ve probably noticed that your cat often goes “crazy” after dark:

    – She crab-walks with her tail erect at the base and suddenly leaps to her feet, looking to capture imaginary prey.

    – It is his hunting instinct that is awakened, especially at dusk. Take the opportunity to play with your companion! It’s the perfect time to bond with your pet.

But no matter what time it is, remember that it’s the cat who decides when he wants to play:

    – You’ll never get a cat to play who doesn’t want to.

    – Playing for 10 minutes a day is the ideal frequency for the feline.

Do-it-yourself cat toys

Of course, there are countless toys sold in specialized shops. But it is not difficult to make a toy for your cat yourself:

    – A cork to which you make a notch to slip a string that you will attach firmly.

    – A stick to which you attach a string and at the end of which is attached a feather.

    – An empty water bottle with a few holes to hide some kibble, etc.

Be creative! But remember not to feed the cat what he can’t swallow or that would be dangerous.

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