Deafness In Pets

Deafness, or the inability to perceive sound, is frequent in dogs and cats and to a lesser level in other animals. Deafness can be inherited or acquired, congenital or acquired, sensorineural or conductive. Genetic and hereditary deafness in dogs and cats is the most common cause, and it’s linked to white pigmentation. Medication toxicity, noise … Read more

How Would You Change Your House to Be More Pet Friendly?


Pets are part of the family. Apart from being a good companion, pets have a lot of therapeutic properties attached to them. Nowadays, people are making pet-parenting fancier than ever before. There are numerous services for pets; daycare for pets, beauty salons, and many other very pricey things. Moreover, in some homes, pets have their … Read more

Which Cat Breed Is Right for You? (Part 2)

Which Cat Breed Is Right for You (Part 2)

Are you planning to adopt a cat? Choosing a purebred cat with a pedigree will help you assess its future personality. Pedigree cats are carefully selected from generation to generation to have specific physical characteristics and traits that evolve from breed to breed. Of course, this ain’t an exact science: each cat has a unique … Read more