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10 Tips To Taking Care of Your Cat

As a child, I grew up surrounded by dogs because my mom is a dog person, and she hates cats. So, I couldn’t own a cat until I got my first place..And, let me tell you, taking care of a cat and taking care of a dog is entirely different. I slowly learned how to take care of my little fur baby, and this is why now I think I’m in the right place to give people advice on how to take care of their cat.

I’m not a crazy cat lady yet, but my partner has made it clear that we can’t have more than two cats at home. For me, my cats are my babies, and they are an integral part of my family and household. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about how to take care of your little baby.

1. As soon as you adopt your cat, remember to have it vaccinated


Cats are exposed to all kinds of viruses and infections from a very young age. Don’t hesitate to have him vaccinated from the first weeks of his life. The types of vaccines applied will depend on whether your cat lives mostly indoors or outdoors.

2. Offer your cat a healthy diet

A good, healthy, balanced diet will increase your cat’s life expectancy and promote healthy kitten growth. For adults, use kibbles and boxes of brands recommended by your veterinary clinic team according to your pet’s needs. For kittens, give preference to kibbles or cans specially adapted for development.

3. Know your cat’s personality


Cats are basically independent and autonomous. There is a great variety of characters in cats. Some are cuddly by nature, and others are lazy or very dynamic. In order to establish a healthy and rewarding relationship with your cat, it is therefore important to determine as soon as possible what kind of temperament he has.

4. Never forget to feed them

If there’s one thing a cat is attached to, it’s food. If your cat is by nature a hunter who likes to track birds and mice, he is particularly fond of finding their bowl well filled and will resent you if you forget.

5. Don’t be stingy with petting


More than any other animal, cats appreciate being stroked. This practice provides them with great well-being causing long series of purrs. So don’t hesitate for a moment to give them this pleasure which will not fail to bring them closer to you.

6. Take care of his hygiene

Apart from vaccinations and deworming, keep your cat clean, especially if it has long hair. It’s clear that a cat is naturally cleaner than a dog because it grooms itself. Some breeds require almost daily brushing.

7. Respect its territory


A cat needs to be left alone. In this sense, it is necessary to reserve a particular place for it that will be clean and in which it will be able to feel at peace, where it will be able to sleep, play, and especially benefit from calm.

8. Impose rules on your cat

Even if a cat is trained differently from a dog, you should not think that any training is impossible. From a very young age, you must teach your cat what is tolerated and what is forbidden. You must establish rules of conduct that your cat must follow.

9. Don’t leave him alone for too long


Even though cats are very independent animals, we strongly advise against leaving them alone for several days. In case of long trips, you should not hesitate to entrust them to a relative and let them take care of your baby. Ideally, your four-legged treasure should remain in its environment, and a trusted person should visit it every day to feed and water it,

10. Know how to take into account your cat’s aging

Like any living being, a cat ages. The life expectancy of a cat differs from breed to breed. A cat can usually live an average of fifteen years. Old age is generally felt by a gradual slowing down of physical activities. It is very important to note any changes in behavior and to discuss them with the medical staff at the veterinary clinic.

Taking care of your cats doesn’t have to be hard if you follow our blog. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next.

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