6 Types of Leashes for Your Dogs

Going out for a walk with our pet should be an outing to enjoy and share a pleasant moment with him. It is also an activity that we repeat several times a day. A good leash will help us create a safe and comfortable bond with our pet and avoid unnecessary pulling or unpleasant mishaps. … Read more

Taking Your Dog on a Long Drive: Essential Tips

Finally, the holidays! Whether you’re going on an adventurous drive or heading to your vacation home, you’ll naturally want to take your four-legged friend along. Some dogs love car rides, while others turn up their noses, or they get carsick. Follow the tips below, and your dog will be fresh, healthy, and enthusiastic when you … Read more

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats    Summary  – Hairless cat: the Donskoy cat  – The Peterbald cat  – The Sphynx cat  – Protection and care of hairless cats    Contrary to popular belief, there is not only one hairless cat breed but three. The physical traits of these cats attract or disturb but do not … Read more