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Ideal Fish for Small Aquariums

Not everyone is a fan of large fish, some prefer to enjoy the calmness that small aquarium fish are able to provide. The truth is that some small fish can be excellent pets and in some cases they are not too difficult to care for, so they can be a perfect marine companion for your home.

Fish for Small Aquariums

Before you decide to adopt any type of fish, you need to find out very specifically what its needs are. Although the fish mentioned in this article have in common that they can live comfortably in small aquariums, they have variations related to the food or water volume they need to live.

Similarly, some fish require specific levels of temperature, water hardness and ph, among other characteristics. It is essential to know all of the care requirements for each species of fish before you purchase one. This may seem a bit daunting if you’ve never kept fish before, but the good news is that small aquarium fish are generally easier to care for.

Coldwater Fish for Small Aquariums

Not all coldwater fish do well in small aquariums, but some species do. It is important to note that cold water species tend to be somewhat aggressive, so they are not suitable for sharing an aquarium with just any species.

Blue Fin Tetra

The Bluefin Tetra is a large cold water fish, but it can manage in an aquarium of less than 57 liters. It needs a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees.

It is a rather attractive tropical fish that you will like to have in your home, although it is a bit demanding in terms of care. It needs to cohabit with at least six other fish and several places in the aquarium where it can hide. Ideally, it should live in an aquarium with plants.

The best thing about these fish for small aquariums is that they are very peaceful, so it is a cold water fish species that can live comfortably with other species.

Chinese Neon Fish

If the blue fin tetra is not what you are looking for, a better option might be the Chinese neon fish. This cold water fish can live very well in an aquarium of less than 38 liters. It needs a temperature between 15 and 23 degrees, which allows it to thrive in the ambient temperature of the house. However, during the summer and winter months, it may be necessary to monitor the temperature of the aquarium.

Its dimensions are between 2.5 and 4 centimeters, which makes it useful if you like small fish. In fact, it is a relatively common fish, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get one either.

To live well, it needs the company of at least six other fish and a stream of highly oxygenated water.

Marine Fish for Small Aquariums

If you are not sure if cold water fish for aquariums are right for you, you may be interested in the best marine fish for small aquariums. These are popular species around the world, with beautiful appearances.


The clownfish is not only one of the most famous species in the world, but also one of the easiest to care for. In addition, its shape also makes it a very cute fish that you will love.

The Percula Clownfish

As an alternative to the clownfish, you can opt for the percula clownfish, a rather similar species, but with brighter colors. Like the clownfish, the percula clownfish is very easy to maintain in a saltwater aquarium.

Cleaner Fish for Small Aquariums

One of the most important aspects related to the care of fish is the cleanliness of the aquarium. A hygienic aquarium is essential for the fish to remain in good health.

Although cleaning the aquarium is always a valid option, sometimes it may be more advisable to buy cleaner fish. The following species are perfect for this task:


This species for small tropical aquariums is naturally efficient at cleaning aquariums, since it is in charge of going through everything in search of food, ignoring only food in a state of decomposition.

Small Fish for a Fish Tank

There are certain small fish recommendations for a fish tank whose main characteristic is its tiny size. You will love them if the most important thing to you is that the fish are small.


Guppies are very small fish that reproduce very easily. It has somewhat demanding water hardness, temperature and ph needs, but thanks to its wide spectrum of tolerance it is suitable for you if you are a novice keeper. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful fish that exist.

So what fish have you decided to get? Let us know in the comments below.


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