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How to Choose Your Cat’s Clothes

How to Choose Your Cat’s Clothes


    – Cat clothes: Usefulness

    – Cat clothes: types and criteria for choosing cat clothes

    – Advantages and disadvantages of dressing your cat

    – Cat clothes: prices and points of sale

Accessories for pets are diverse and varied. Among all that is proposed, we have seen new clothing designs for cats in recent years. Let’s take a look at the issue of cat clothes.

Clothing for cats: utility

Cat clothes are miniature clothing and accessories adapted to their morphology and are light and washable.

Some have a built-in harness or ring for attaching a leash.

Their primary use would be to protect cats against the cold. Still, they are mainly used by owners wishing to give an original look to their little companions for outings or during special events such as a wedding, a family parties, a carnival parades, or for Halloween.

Cat clothes: types and criteria for choosing cat clothes

Cat's Clothes

There are different types of clothing designed for cats. They are usually made of soft and fluffy materials, easily washable by hand or machine. They are made of wool, cotton, nylon, or fleece.

Here is the range of clothes and accessories you can buy for cats:

    – pajamas;

    – T-shirts;

    – sweaters and sweatshirts;

    – dresses;

    – coats;

    – disguises and accessories such as ties, bow ties, and caps.

The selection criteria will be based on comfort and aesthetics, depending on the cat owner’s use of it.

Remember to consider the cat’s size: to do so, you must measure its neck, the length of its back from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail, and its torso.

Advantages and disadvantages of dressing your cat

Cat's Clothes


Advantages of clothing for cats

Hairless, cold-weather and older cats may need help coping with the cold when they go outside. A tiny sweater or a soft, comfortable coat can be a great help.

Cats recovering at home may also appreciate being wrapped in warm clothing.

Disadvantages of feline clothing

Cats generally don’t enjoy being dressed at all! If putting clothes on a cat is amusing for the owner, it’s more of an ordeal for the little feline…

Remember that animals are not objects, dolls with which we play as we please without considering their feelings.

Clothes for cats: prices and points of sale

Small clothes, costumes, and accessories for cats are generally found on specialized websites. You can also buy them in large pet stores and dog and cat grooming salons. Some people knit their own sweaters for their cats.

The table below gives an idea of the price ranges found on internet shopping sites.


A minimum price ($)

Maximum price ($)







Sweater and sweatshirt















Bow tie



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