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How to Make a Cat Tree

How to Make a Cat Tree


    – Step 1: Prepare your cat tree project

    – Step 2: Make the base of the cat tree

    – Step 3: Make the different platforms of the cat tree

    – Step 4: Make a circular perch

    – Step 5: Make play niches on the cat tree

    – Step 6: Finish your cat tree

The cat tree is a high structure composed of landings, perches, and niches. A cat tree is an essential piece of entertainment if your pet lives in an apartment. Not only will your cat love to climb it, hide and rest up high, but it will also be able to do its claws without damaging your home.

Follow the detailed explanations below to make a cat tree.

Materials needed to make a cat tree

Wall stapler 

Flathead nails 

Wood glue 




Tape measure 

Sanding paper 


Flat brush 

Double-sided tape 




Phillips screwdriver 

1. Prepare your cat tree project

Make a plan for the cat tree

    – Once you’ve determined the location of the cat tree, measure the space to make sure the structure isn’t too large.

Good to know: if possible, place the cat tree near a window because a cat often likes to look outside and enjoy the sunlight. The cat tree can also be a way to access a high shelf, which your cat will appreciate.

    – Think about your pet’s temperament. Does he like to climb, hide? Are they playful or quiet?

Good to know: cats of all ages love to play, but they may entertain themselves in different ways as they age.

    – Based on all these parameters, design a simple cat tree plan with:

        ◦ landings for those who like to climb;

        ◦ niches for those who want to hide;

        ◦ scratching posts for all types of cats.

Good to know: the need to scratch is also a territory marking of the cat. Therefore, scratching posts should be placed in visible locations as ostentatious signs of ownership!

    – To keep the cat tree from rocking, provide a solid base.

        ◦ The taller the cat tree, the wider the base should be.

        ◦ For perfect stability, the base should be as wide as the span of the tree.

Make a list of materials needed

Here is the list of the materials required to make a cat tree:

    – plywood boards;

    – Wooden cleats;

    – Cardboard or PVC pipe;

    – cardboard boxes;

    – thick cardboard;

    – sisal rolls;

    – carpeting.

Most of these materials can be salvaged.

Good to know: if you buy the plywood pieces in a DIY store, have them cut to size. It will save you time…

2. Make the base of the cat tree

cat tree

Cut and glue the plywood

    – Cut 2 plywoods of the same size.

        ◦ 2 squares of 70 × 70 cm for an all-high cat tree.

        ◦ 2 rectangles of 80 × 50 cm for a cat tree that unfolds on the sides.

Caution: adjust the dimensions of the base according to the size of your construction.

    – Sand the edges of the plywood with sandpaper.

    – Glue one surface with wood glue.

    – Glue the 2 pieces together and hold them together with a clamp while the glue dries.

Good to know: you can use a single piece of plywood, but make sure it is thick enough to ensure a stable base.

Staple the carpet to the base

    – Cut 1 piece of carpet to fit the base.

    – Staple it to the plywood evenly.

3. Make the different platforms of the cat tree

The tree can consist of one or more platforms, each resting on 4 slats.

Drill the base

    – Turn the base over and mark the location of the holes for the 4 support cleats.

    – Drill the holes with a drill through the carpet.

Pre-drill the ends of the cleats in their center.

    – Cut 4 wooden cleats to the height of the platform.

    – On each end of the strips, trace the 2 diagonals. Locate the center at the intersection of these two lines.

    – Pre-drill the ends of the cleats in their center.

Assemble the base, the cleats, and the platform

    – Attach the cleats to the carpeted area by screwing from below.

    – Then, attach another sheet of plywood to the top of the cleats.