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Why Choose a Water Fountain for Your Cat

Why Choose a Water Fountain for Your Cat


– Types of cat water fountains

– Why choose a water fountain?

– The characteristics

– Cat water cooler: what maintenance?

– What price?


Like a kibble dispenser, a cat water fountain helps regulate the cat’s water intake, which is all the more important if the cat eats only dehydrated kibble.

Types of cat water fountains

Like humans, a cat needs to drink a lot to be healthy, even when its owner is away! To allow him to quench his thirst alone and at any time, machines exist:

– the automatic waterer;

– the water fountain for cats.

Why choose a water fountain?

Cats are animals that do not drink much:

– The state of their water can accentuate this phenomenon: if it has been in the container for several hours and is not very clean, they will be reluctant to drink.

– Furthermore, if a cat is fed kibble, it has no water in its diet, which can lead, if it does not drink enough, to cystitis or more severe urinary problems.

In addition, serving water in a bowl to your pet has many drawbacks:

– A bowl of water spills easily.

– Stagnant water gets warm.

– Dirt can accumulate.

To keep your cat healthy, free of urinary tract stones, and quickly eliminate toxins from his body, it may be wise to purchase a cat water fountain:

– The water is fresh, clean, renewed, and filtered.

– The water is always in motion thanks to a pump; the cat is attracted to it and drinks it more easily.

The characteristics

cat water fountain

There are many models of water fountains for cats. They are distinguished by:

– their capacity (from 1 to 5 liters);

– their color and material (steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.);

– the number of bowls served (practical when you have several animals).

To deliver fresh, oxygen-rich water that is always in motion, this machine is composed of:

– a tank that can contain from 1 to 5 liters;

– an activated carbon filter that keeps the water clean, without unpleasant taste or smell;

– a pump that allows the permanent flow of water:

◦ possible adjustment of the water flow rate;

◦ pump is generally quiet and has low energy consumption.

– anti-slip feet.

Water fountain for cats: what maintenance?

To make your cat fountain last, some maintenance tips are to follow:

– It is recommended to clean the device once a week with soapy water because cat hair can clog it.

– It is also important to descale it regularly with vinegar water and rinse it well afterward.

– In addition, most water coolers are sold with filters that need to be changed regularly. A spare pump can also be supplied.

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