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Pet Feeding Accessories: Choosing Your Cat Bowl

Pet Feeding Accessories: Choosing Your Cat Bowl



 – Cat bowls: the classic bowls

 – Cat bowls: specific bowls

 – How to care for your cat?

 – Support for your cat’s bowl

 – What price?


Along with the litter box and carrier, the cat bowl is one of the essential accessories to buy when you welcome a feline.

Cat bowls: the classic bowls

Many models of cat bowls are available on the market. They are more or less fancy and made of different materials. Some advice will help you make your choice:

 – Cats generally do not like porous plastic bowls: they retain odors and quickly become unappetizing.

 – It is advisable to choose a bowl that is easy to clean: stainless steel, porcelain, or rigid plastic. This prevents food residues from sticking to the bowl and becoming moldy.

Cat bowls: specific bowls

There are 2 bowls adapted to specific activities: for travel and play.

Travel bowl

Pet Feeding Accessories: Choosing Your Cat Bowl

There are travel bowls for cats of different materials: silicone, plastic, and nylon fabric. Some of them are even foldable to save space. However, you should know that :

 – Cats being animals of habit, it is often difficult to make them eat or drink while traveling. Getting them used to it from a young age is recommended.

 – During a long trip, you can, thanks to a specific bowl, at least make your cat drink. The priority is water so that your cat does not become dehydrated.

Playful bowl

Pet accessory manufacturers have recently developed a range of play bowls for cats. These include a labyrinth or compartments:

 – that open in different ways (drawer, sliding lid, folding, latch, turnstile …);

 – in which the owner hides kibble.

The cat spends a certain amount of time accessing its food:

 – This helps to slow down the food intake for gluttonous cats.

 – These bowls can also occupy a cat who stays alone for long hours at home.

What maintenance?

Pet Feeding Accessories: Choosing Your Cat Bowl

The maintenance of your cat’s bowl will depend on the type of food you give him:

 – If the cat is fed with kibble, the maintenance of its bowl once a week may be sufficient.

– If he eats wet food ( Pâté or homemade food), a cleaning every 2 days, or even daily, is essential to remove the remains of dried food.

Support for your cat’s bowl

Cats have the annoying habit of taking food out of the bowl and eating it out. It can be helpful to put your cat’s bowls on a support that you can easily clean. Therefore, a plastic placemat, for example, will make cleaning your pet’s eating area easy.

How much does it cost?

Cat bowls range in price from about $2 for basic bowls to about $20 for designer bowls. Fun bowls, on the other hand, cost an average of $15 to $30.

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