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Cat Food Accessories: Kibble Dispenser

Cat Food Accessories: Kibble Dispenser


– When to use a cat food dispenser?

– Cat food dispensers: a simple model

– Kibble and food dispensers: electronic model

– What price?

A kibble dispenser and a water fountain are the 2 accessories that allow you to leave a cat alone for a few days in a home.

When to use a cat food dispenser?

Unlike dogs, who need to be taken out every day to relieve themselves, cats can be left alone for a few days in the house:

– However, do not exceed 4-5 days; otherwise, the cat will get bored and may become stressed and mischievous.

– If someone can come by every day to feed and refill the water, that’s ideal. But if this is not possible, the cat is on its own. In this case, he needs the following:

◦ a kibble or pate dispenser;

◦ a water fountain;

◦ a clean litter box.

Cat food dispensers: a simple model

Cat Food Accessories: Kibble Dispenser

The most basic dispensers are usually only kibble dispensers that can not be used for food. About these models, you should know that:

– These kibble dispensers consist of the following:

▪ a vertical tank;

▪ an attached bowl.

– As the cat feeds, the kibble naturally descends into the bowl. It is the cat that triggers the kibble to drop.

– This system is only suitable for cats who know how to regulate their food intake. Indeed, the most greedy cats throw themselves on the kibbles at the risk of getting sick and having nothing to eat until the end of your absence.

Kibble and food dispensers: electronic model

The electronic versions of the dispensers work either by programming or by reading the cat’s identification chip.

Characteristics of electronic models

The most sophisticated kibble and food dispensers are battery-powered or connected to power. Some of them can also contain food because they are refrigerated. These kibble dispensers are programmable:

– number of meals;

– feeding schedule;

– quantity;

– sound message.

Depending on the device’s storage capacity, the autonomy can vary from 2 to several days.

Chip dispenser

A particularly sophisticated kibble dispenser has recently been developed: the electronic chip kibble or food dispenser. It allows, when you have several cats, to avoid some of them eating in the bowl of the others. This is an important point, especially in the case of a diet prescribed by the veterinarian that would concern only one animal.

– The feeder is programmed to open only when recognizing the cat(s) microchip.

– It is also possible to program the device with electronic tags for cats that do not have a chip. The device closes a few moments automatically after the cat has moved away.

What is the price?

Expect to pay about:

– $10 for basic dispensers;

– about $25 to $130 for electronic dispensers.

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