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How to Fully Tame Your Hamster?

When you get a new hamster, you’ll need to make it feel as comfortable as possible for it to grow closer to you. However, some of them will take time and might even require some taming.

Make Sure Your Hamster Lives in a Comfortable Environment

Make Sure Your Hamster Lives in a Comfortable EnvironmentIf you want your pet to grow closer to you, you must construct a suitable cage for your hamster. Put down some absorbent bedding in order to make your hamster feel at ease. This also allows your hamster to relieve itself in its cage. You’ll need to spot-clean the bedding every day and replace it once a week or so.

Note: Make sure to include a water bottle in the cage for your hamster to drink from.

Feed Your Hamster on a Regular Basis

Hamsters belong to the group of omnivores, which means they eat both animal and plant-based foods. Dried hamster food pellets are the most common thing to feed hamsters, but a couple of times per week, it is recommended to supplement your pet’s diet with small pieces of raw fruits and vegetables as a treat. Hamsters should typically consume about ten grams of dry hamster food twice per day.

Consider giving them small pieces of broccoli, peaches, cauliflower, or bananas as a treat. Give your hamster no citrus (like oranges and lemons) or acidic (like onions) foods because it may cause an upset stomach.

And, be very careful not to put too much pressure on your hamster in the first few days after you get it. This is especially significant when it comes to feeding time. Simply place the food in the cage and then leave the hamster alone to eat. This will make your hamster feel more secure around you.

Wait a Week Before Touching It

Give the hamster some time to get used to you and feel safe and settled in its new home. For the first week or so, avoid any contact with your hamster. This process can take a little longer at times. It is critical that you be patient at first.

Assist Your Hamster in Recognizing Your Voice

It is important to talk to your hamster in a soothing voice when you’re near his cage. It’s normal for the hamster to be afraid of you at first. You want your pet to recognize your voice so that it will learn not to fear you.

You might want to approach the cage and spend some quality time just by speaking to your hamster. After the first few days, you can even remove the cage lid so your hamster can hear you better. Just be careful that it doesn’t escape.

Always Give Treats to Your Hamster

Always Give Treats to Your HamsterBegin feeding your hamster treats through an opening in the top of the cage or in between the cage bars, depending on the type of enclosure you have for your little hamster.

Relying on treats and using them to pamper your pet will help your hamster overcome his or her fear of you. You can also rub the treat in your palm to familiarize the hamster with your scent. Continue for several days.

Please Wash Your Hands

Before picking up your hamster for the first time, thoroughly wash your hands. This will remove any food odors that may have lingered on your hands. You don’t want your hamster to bite you by accident.

If you are afraid of being bitten, you can even try to wear gloves when picking up your hamster at first.

Begin by Gently Inserting Your Hand Into the Cage

Slowly insert your hand into the cage once your hamster is awake. Allow your hamster to smell your hand. And don’t make it do anything. Remove your hand and try again in a week or two if your hamster looks frightened and is backing away from you.

You can also put a few treats in your palm to make your hamster feel less scared.

When you’re about to pet or handle your hamster, don’t back away. Even if it scared you, you’re only going to scare it more.


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