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Having Pets During A Thunderstorm

Loud sounds and thunderstorms can aggravate the nervousness and anxiety of certain pets. Even courageous dogs can moan and whine in severe weather, and the degree of worry your dog feels might be amplified if you aren’t there to console him. When the wind starts to howl, planning ahead of time might help keep your dog calm and safe.

Advanced Exercise
If you know a storm is on the way and you won’t be home when it arrives, give your dog a nice workout to tire him out and calm him down. Feed him, hydrate him, and allow him time to eliminate after each game, so he doesn’t have any anxious accidents when the thunder comes. If you cannot attend, ask a friend or neighbour to assist you with the pre-storm preparations.

Storm Shelter
Make a dedicated location in your home for your dog to utilize as a storm shelter. A somewhat well-insulated location, such as an inside room or perhaps a walk-in closet, should be used for this. Place a kennel or container large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lay down comfortably in the shelter area. If the weather isn’t too hot, drape a heavy blanket over 3 sides of the kennel to make a cave-like environment for your pet.

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Use Distraction
Turn on a fan, a television, or a radio to offer background noise to help block out the storm. Don’t make it so loud that it damages your dog’s ears; instead, make it just loud enough to drown out the thunder. If you have two dogs, keep them together throughout the storm to give comfort and friendship as well as diversion.

Anti-Anxiety Meds
If your dog experiences severe anxiety or panic episodes when a storm approaches, talk to your veterinarian about giving him a small sedative ahead of time. Loud noises and unexpected bursts of sound can be overwhelming for some puppies. When you can’t be with him, a little prescription can help him weather the storms while giving you peace of mind.

What Are the Treatments for Dogs Afraid of Storms?

Lightning strikes, thunder, howling winds, and hail may cause panic episodes in certain dogs, making them unhappy and unmanageable. Some people grow out of their anxieties as they become older, while others do not. While you won’t be able to erase your pets dread of storms, you may make them feel less anxious by using a range of remedies and plenty of love.

Some pets will respond nicely if you can find a fun approach to divert their focus away from a dangerous circumstance like a storm. When your pet starts to show indications of fear from a storm, offer him a rawhide bone with peanut butter on it. Chewing will help him relax, and the peanut butter will keep his attention for longer than a raw bone. He’ll be able to self-soothe by focusing on something other than the frightening storm noises.

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Play and Attention
If you know a storm is coming, get your dog some exercise by playing with him ahead of time. You’ll release stress, and he’ll be exhausted rather than wired when the storm strikes. Keep your pets near to you if it helps them feel comfortable and secure, and turn on the TV or listen to music to drown out the outside noises. Hold them, talk to them, and comfort them so that the storm noises become a happy memory rather than a bad one. Never chastise or penalize your dog for being afraid.

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