Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats    Summary  – Hairless cat: the Donskoy cat  – The Peterbald cat  – The Sphynx cat  – Protection and care of hairless cats    Contrary to popular belief, there is not only one hairless cat breed but three. The physical traits of these cats attract or disturb but do not … Read more

The Best Guide To Female Dog Infertility


What Is Infertility? Just as for humans, infertility is when a dog cannot conceive or deliver living puppies even after multiple mating with a fertile male. There are various reasons why a female dog can be infertile; it can be broken into 4 main categories; abnormal estrous cycling, failure to copulate (breed), failure to conceive … Read more

Deafness In Pets

Deafness, or the inability to perceive sound, is frequent in dogs and cats and to a lesser level in other animals. Deafness can be inherited or acquired, congenital or acquired, sensorineural or conductive. Genetic and hereditary deafness in dogs and cats is the most common cause, and it’s linked to white pigmentation. Medication toxicity, noise … Read more