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Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats



 – Hairless cat: the Donskoy cat

 – The Peterbald cat

 – The Sphynx cat

 – Protection and care of hairless cats


 Contrary to popular belief, there is not only one hairless cat breed but three. The physical traits of these cats attract or disturb but do not leave any indifference. They are also known for their particular character. Let’s review three breeds of hairless cats: the Donskoy, the Peterbald, and the Sphinx.

 Hairless cat (Donskoy)

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

 It is also called Don sphynx.


 This breed has its origins in Russia. The fortuitous discovery of a cat carrying a genetic peculiarity (loss of hair) and the observation that its offspring were born without hair or lost them while growing up intensely interested in a breeder.

 – The gene responsible for the loss or absence of hair is here a dominant gene, which means that the particularity will be found at each new generation, whatever the cross made;

 – It is, therefore, relatively easy for breeders to make their selections according to the characteristics they want to keep;

 – Discovered at the end of the 80s and recognized at the end of the 90s, this breed is not widespread.

 Physical characteristics

 The Donskoy is a cat of average size with a muscular body. Its somewhat triangular head carries beautiful large attentive ears, under which two eyes in almonds observe you. It can present all kinds of colors of the dress.

 There are three types in the Donskoy, depending on whether the skin is entirely naked; has a fine down; has terse hair (naked, velvet, brush).

 Hairless cats do not have vibrissae, velvet, and brush fine whiskers.


 This cat is a companion very attached to his owner or his family. It is playful, lively, and curious but does not like to be alone. It adapts well to the company of other cats or animals, mainly if it is accustomed to them from a young age.

 The Peterbald cat

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

 This is the most recent of these three hairless cat breeds.


 Also originating from Russia, it is, in fact, the result of the crossing of a female of the oriental race with a male Donskoy.

 – The breed was created in the middle of the 90s;

 – As the gene is dominant, the breeders obtain the appearance of the oriental cat, added to the particularity of the naked cat;

 – The current crosses are based on Peterbald/oriental or Peterbald/siamese.

 Physical characteristics

 It is the biggest of the naked cats, and it has taken everything of the fineness and the elegance of the orientals and the Siamese. Descendant of the Donskoy, it has kept the three types of hair: non-existent, fluffy, or very short (hard and curly). Nice neck surmounted by a long fine head, big eyes with beautiful colors, big ears, long body, legs, and tail. He is muscular, like his companions.


 Stemming from those which one sometimes nicknamed the “cats-dogs”, the Peterbald is an inveterate talker, ultra pot-de-Colle, and sometimes demanding. It is a very active cat, and you will not be bored with it! It is an ideal companion for people looking for a cat with which to create a strong bond but be careful not to make him undergo long moments of solitude, which he may not bear.

 The sphynx cat

Traits of 3 Hairless Cats

 The most known and oldest of these small felines is super original.


 The sphynx cat comes from Canada. As for the Donskoy, the discovery of cats carrying this physical characteristic generates the desire for stockbreeders to create a race.

 – In the sphynx, the gene responsible for the absence of hair is recessive;

 – It is, therefore, much less easy to keep it and to have hairless kittens at each litter;

 – The stubbornness of the breeders since the 60’s finally paid off, and the breed was recognized in the ’80s.

 Physical characteristics

 We can recognize him by his forehead wrinkled with fine wrinkles, his big soft eyes, and his triangular head. It is of medium size. His legs and tail are relatively thin, his body is muscular, and his slight belly is round. Its ears are rather large, well spread on the top of the head. One finds, as for the Donskoy and the Peterbald, beautiful diversity of color of skin. There is a heart disease in the sphynx, which is found in some subjects.


 The Sphynx is an expressive, playful, cuddly cat with a good disposition. It loves to perch on the shoulders (rather than curl up on the lap). Like the other two naked cat breeds, the sphynx is endearing and bonded to the family it lives with.

 Protection and care of hairless cats

 Because of their short or non-existent hair, all these cats are terrified of sunburn and cold, so we must consider protecting them from both.

 You will regularly clean the ears and eyes as they secrete more sebum than other felines. Some people give them a monthly bath (if the cat likes it) or run a wet glove over their entire body.

 They are healthy cats with an excellent appetite and offering them food rich in proteins and outstanding quality is necessary. Last but not least, their body is warm and incredibly soft.

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