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Heating Pads for Cats: Selection Criteria and Price

Heating Pads for Cats: Selection Criteria and Price


Heating pad for cats: what is it for?

Characteristics of heating pads for cats

In certain situations, having a heating pad at home can be interesting or even helpful.

All the information in our article.

Heating pad for cats: what is the use?

You can have a heating pad for home use, but they are also commonly used by cat breeders and in veterinary clinics. Heating pads are used for:

cats in convalescence;

Cats that are hospitalized;

Cats that are weakened by illness;

older cats;

Cats with joint pain;

pregnant cats or nursing females with their kittens;

or simply for warm and comfortable bedding daily.

The warmth produced by these cushions is a great help for fragile or too-weak animals to regulate their body temperature. If the animal does not need to make an effort to warm up, it will be able to recover more quickly.

Good to know: in veterinary clinics, heating mats are also installed on the operating table during certain surgeries to prevent the animal’s body from cooling down too quickly.

Characteristics of cat heating pads

Heating Pads for Cats

As the name suggests, the heating pad… heats up! It’s up to you to make your choice according to the use you will have of it. But let’s take a look at the various models and their differences.

Plug-in heating pad

This type of cushion is connected to an electric cord, you must plug it into an outlet for it to work:

It contains heating spirals that produce a heat of about 30°C in a vacuum.

However, once the cat lies on it, the spirals react to the weight of its body and allow to send back a heat up to 45°C.

The heating spirals are not in direct contact with the animal, they are hidden inside the cushion, itself presented in a removable and washable cover.

In some models, the temperature can be controlled with a thermostat.

Gel heating cushion

This model looks like a round hot water bottle. This hot water bottle contains a special gel that accumulates heat and releases it for several hours. To do this:

One must put the cushion (without its cover) in the microwave for a few minutes.

One slips the hot water bottle in its cover then installs it under the cat’s bed.

Attention, it is advised not to install the cat directly on this heating pad because of the risk of burns.

The heating pad keeps a temperature of about 50°C during 5 hours, and then keeps a good heat during 5 more hours.

Self-heating mat

In the case of self-heating cushions, sofas or mats, there is no need for electricity or gel, because the inside of the bedding is made of a film or thermal fibers, which can reflect the heat of the cat’s body and to restore it as long as the animal is installed on it. These fibers that retain warm air are called thermo-reflective fibers. As with the other models, these cushions have a cover that can be removed for washing.

Good to know: brands offer choices of different sizes, colors, and shapes for all types of sleeping pads. Covers are often made of fleece or soft material. Prices vary from $15 to $65, depending on the model.

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