Sterilizing Your Pet (Part 1)

There are different opinions in society about the sterilization of animals – some believe that this is the most humane way to protect your pet from unwanted offspring on time, and sterilization surgery can prevent various severe diseases in the future. On the other hand, others are convinced that the operation of the reproductive organs … Read more

The Strangest Dog Breeds You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Dogs are one of the most common pets. Some dog breeds are more popular, others less so, and some are so rare and unusual that they are simply amazing. Some breeds even have quite uncommon characteristics and are therefore considered quite strange dogs. Below we introduce you to some of the most peculiar breeds that … Read more

9 Perks of Going for an Older Animal That Every Pet Lover Should Know

All pet owners know that having a small pet at home can provide numerous benefits. For example, a pet can instantly improve your mood; if you are feeling stressed or depressed, just spend a few minutes with your dog, cat, or looking at the aquarium and you will see that anxiety and tension will decrease. … Read more

6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain

Just because our dogs can’t speak doesn’t mean that they cannot feel pain. If you love your pooch and consider him as an essential part of your life, here are some signs that you should look out for and which might mean he is suffering. Your Usually Voracious Dog Won’t Eat Unlike some of us … Read more