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6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain

Just because our dogs can’t speak doesn’t mean that they cannot feel pain. If you love your pooch and consider him as an essential part of your life, here are some signs that you should look out for and which might mean he is suffering.

Your Usually Voracious Dog Won’t Eat

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Unlike some of us who are aiming for the size zero, your dog doesn’t need to go on a diet. So, if your dog that never missed a meal before has started refusing food, it could be a sign that your dog needs help. A lack of appetite, as per most veterinarians, can be a sign of pain or discomfort.

Now, before coming to this conclusion, make sure that the food is fresh and there is no foul smell coming from it. I also suggest giving some tasty and nutritious food. But, if it still turns up its nose to food, give the vet a call.

Change in Sleeping Habits

dog sleeping | tereza kleovoulou | Flickr

Usually, most dogs are easy sleepers. But, if you notice some significant changes in the sleeping habits of your pup – that could be a sign that something’s wrong.

Sleep and pain are connected. Ever realized how difficult it is to sleep when you have a sore back or some other body pain? When the human body is uncomfortable or in pain, it makes the mind more alert and makes you concentrate more on the pain, thus making it more and more difficult to wander to the dream world.

The same goes for your pooch.

When your dog is in pain, he will be restless, unable to lie still and constantly try to find a better position to sleep.

You might also note that out of pain, some dogs may even sleep more than usual.

Heavy Panting or Altered Breathing

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Panting is normal. Even we tend to pant heavily during and after exertion. However, if your dog is breathing heavily without doing any exercise, this could be a sign that he’s hurting somewhere. It might be a sign of pain, heatstroke, or even poisoning.

Sometimes, your dog might eat, drink and sleep normally, but pants more than usual. In that case, I recommend consulting a veterinarian right away as it could indicate severe pancreatitis or, worse, cancer.

Your Dog’s Desire for Affection Changes

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Dogs would often seek physical affection like cuddles and pats, especially from the people they love. But, why does it seem that recently your dog doesn’t want to be touched at all? Or, it might also be the opposite, where the tsundere type buddy suddenly becomes a clingy one and starts begging for attention.

There are reasonable explanations behind these sudden changes and one of them is that your dog might be in considerable pain.

Excessive Licking

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Did you know that dog’s saliva consists of bacteria-killing enzymes? And, thus when they lick themselves, they are getting rid of any dead tissue or keeping their wounds clean. But, what if your dog is licking his legs continuously?

According to some experts, it could be a sign of arthritis or other some other type of pain. As dogs have the habit of healing their wound by licking that specific injured area, they would most likely lick that soreness and discomfort brought by arthritis.

Biting, Growling, or Snapping

Growling dog and fig tree | Sbilenco was not really growling… | Flickr

When I am in pain and someone tries to touch me, I don’t hesitate to snap that “back off.” So, now imagine how distressing it might be for your dog when he is in pain and you are trying to touch him or play with him. It would be completely normal for him to become a bit aggressive, growl and even try to bite.

What you should do when your dog is giving off such vibes, you should schedule an appointment at the vet.

Dogs are just more than our walking companions. Don’t let your dog suffer in silence and try to pay more attention to him by looking out for these signs that might indicate he is in pain.

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