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9 Perks of Going for an Older Animal That Every Pet Lover Should Know

All pet owners know that having a small pet at home can provide numerous benefits. For example, a pet can instantly improve your mood; if you are feeling stressed or depressed, just spend a few minutes with your dog, cat, or looking at the aquarium and you will see that anxiety and tension will decrease. At this point, physiological changes occur in the human body in which the cortisol hormone level, associated with stress, decreases in the body. This, while the level of serotonin, a hormone associated with good mood and well-being, increases, so that the body recovers from the stress.

Yet, although many will adopt pets for the positive impact they bring, many are only interested in the younger ones. And, it’s no secret that older animals are extremely rarely removed from shelters, so these animals are usually doomed to live in cages for the rest of their lives. However, what people usually overlook is that there are an infinite number of reasons why a senior pet may be even more suited to your lifestyle than a junior one.

In this article, we look at the various perks of going for an older pet.

  1. Quick Adaptation

It often takes a long time for a young pet to get used to a new home. An older pet usually already has experience living in a home with people and other animals, so it will take much less time.

  1. No “Childish” Habits

The old pet won’t turn over your flowers, bite your wires, or try to play pranks on you. Keeping an older pet in your home will result in far fewer accidents caused by the destructive behavior of younger animals and will not require constant supervision and training.

  1. Peace at HomeHow to introduce two cats

Older cats and dogs are much calmer than puppies.

  1. No Unexpected Surprises

When a young animal is taken into a shelter, its origin and breed are often unknown, so it can sometimes grow larger than expected. When you hug an older dog, you already see its size and build, so there are no unexpected surprises.

  1. Shaped Character

When you pick up an old pet, you can always ask about its character. The shelter staff will tell you all about him, his hobbies, his character traits and the main characteristics of the animal’s character. This way, when you accept a new family member, you’ll already know what to expect and can decide if it’s  right for you.

  1. You Don’t Have to ChooseAnimal Shelters & Rescues Work Together | Best Friends Animal Society

Many shelters state that senior animals must choose their own owner. Thus, the choice will be made by the animal itself.

  1. Loyalty

Earning respect for a young pet is not that easy, but an older pet will feel respect for you just for saving him from living in a cage and giving him a home and love. An older pet will serve for the rest of its life and will always remain loyal to its new owner.

  1. Endless Love

By hugging an old pet, you will give him a second chance to be loved, so such a pet will surely thank you and give you his whole heart. Such an animal will reward you with attention and warm shelters every time you return home.

  1. Keeping Busy
    Why Losing a Pet Hurts So Much | Southern Living

If you are retired and are looking for a pet to keep yourself busy, an old pet could be perfect. Sometimes, senior animals have certain illnesses, so they may need to be given not only a warm home, food and love, but also daily care.

Do you know someone who has or had an older pet? What was their experience with it and what were the other benefits of going for the senior animal that they shared with you? Leave them in the comments below.

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