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Why Are Your Pet Scared Of Fireworks?

Fireworks create a sense of fear in your pets, and in this blog, we will discuss why they are afraid of it and some of the ways you can calm them down when there are fireworks. Most pets run away during the new year and Fourth of July than any other day of the year, and this is because of the fireworks, and this is why it is crucial to chip your pets and for them to have a tag for people to identify them in case they ran away out of fear. It is always good to have a tag with your name and address on your pet‘s collar for people to bring them back in case they run away.

Reasons why your pets are afraid of fireworks

1. Fireworks are loud and unpredictable


Most fireworks make loud and obnoxious sounds for the human ear but for dogs who have a more acute sense of hearing and smell, which is torture for their senses. These loud boom, crackles and whistles alarm them, which makes them believe that danger is coming; this is why they are so panicked by them. You can expect fireworks on New Year’s day, Spring festival, or even the Fourth of July, but it is just another day for your dogs, and it comes as something unpredictable.

Those firecrackers come without warning, and the loud noises and flashing lights sound and look different each time, and they can’t be acclimated to them. They also come at different intervals, so your pets can’t get used to them.

2. They pose a threat


The noises are not only unpredictable but lead dogs and your pets to perceive them as a threat. This triggers their flight or fight response; they either hide somewhere or bark at the noise. They show signs of anxiety, like panting, pacing, restlessness, and even whining. If loud noises trigger your pet’s flight response, they will try to run from the threat they see as the noise coming from the fireworks. And this is what cause pets to run away from their homes.

How to keep your pets safe and calm during this period


The above shows some of the reasons why pets are afraid of fireworks; however, there are several ways for you to keep them safe and secure during these episodes. It is also worth noting that not all dogs or pets are afraid of fireworks, so it is important to take cues from your dogs and see how they react to fireworks. Some of the ways to keep them safe are:

  • Create a safe space– If your dog is used to sleeping in their crate, make it available to them and if they usually sleep alongside you, let them sleep with you and create a safe space for them. Make the room comfortable for them, and bring in some of their toys, blanket and even bed and stay there with them and comfort them for a while until they forget about the said noise. You can also put them in a small space that allows the least amount of noise in and put on white noise or music to calm them down and drown the fireworks boom.
  • Desensitize them– Starting working with your dogs well in advance ad try to desensitize them at a young age about fireworks and other loud noises. You can start this by playing firework noises at a low volume to get them used to it and gradually increase the volume and give them a treat when they get the gist of it. Eventually, the sound of fireworks will remind your dogs or pets of a happy time and will make them playful instead of frightful.


  • Keep them inside– If your pet usually roams outside, then during these days, keep them inside and make sure that they don’t go out because this is what will cause them to run away. This will prevent them from running away when they feel scared, which will put them in further danger.
  • Try a calming wrap– calming bring your dogs into a wrap embrace and apply light and constant pressure that will comfort them and show them that they are in a safe space. Most pets find this to be very soothing, and this might help their anxiety and calm them down.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you are also against fireworks like me.

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