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Fun Games to Play With Your Dog (Part 2)

When you are bored or tired from the routine work life, don’t you sometimes turn towards games? But, what about your dog? Doesn’t he get bored and exhausted from the usual guard dog role?

If you are looking for some fun time for both you and your pup, here are some exciting games you could try out.

#1. Play Tug of War With Your Dog

Two dogs playing tug of war with rope in garden – Stockphoto

If you are looking for an indoor dog activity and a great bonding experience, tug of war would be perfect.

How to play:

  • First of all, choose a toy that your pup will enjoy playing tug with, but it should be soft and comfortable to hold. Toys made up of fleece, soft rope or even bungee material are easy and put less stress on hands.
  • If you want to play safe, choose surfaces such as a carpet, rubber flooring or even the lawn (when it is dry). And, do yourself a favor and avoid slippery surfaces like wood floors and tiles.
  • Your dog should not grab the tug toy before you permit it to do so. They should sit or lie down and then wait for you to invite them to play. Using phrases such as “Take it!” or “Get it”, you can start the game and invite your pup to grab the toy.
  • Whenever you give out the command of letting the toy go, your dog must listen. You can teach them that when you say “Drop it” or “Give”, they should release the toy.
  • Remember that your dog should do most of the work. You shouldn’t find yourself dragging them around the room.

What Are the Benefits of Playing This Game With Your Dog?

  • Tug of war is an engaging game that can give your dog both a mental and physical workout.
  • Such interactive games help your dog to stay healthy and happy.
  • Did you know that to train dogs for K9 police work, many trainers use this game? Hence, you can use this as a positive reinforcement.
  • Apart from toy-grabbing skills and fitness, tug of war is one of the best games you can play with your dog that will strengthen your bond with him.
  • This game is also an excellent way to boost up the confidence of your dog.
  • And, finally, for all those who think that this game encourages aggressivity, please remove that from your head.

#2. Play Frisbee With Your Dog

✓ Dog Black, White And Tan Long Coat Medium Dog Lying On Grasses In Lawn  Beside Red Frisbee Canine Image - Free Stock Photo

Another fun way to incorporate both exercise and happiness into your puppy’s life is by playing Frisbee with him. It will not only improve your dog’s natural drive to chase but will also allow for some great bonding time between you and him.

How to Introduce Frisbee to Your Dog?

  • How would you introduce a new toy to your pup? Well, do the same thing with the game. If he seems interested, that’s good. But, if it’s the opposite, reward him with a treat every time he approaches the disc or touches it.
  • The second step includes introducing the “give” command. Give your pup the Frisbee while holding a treat and then say “give” and take back the Frisbee and reward your dog. You can repeat the same step until he grasps the idea. But, if he does not let go of the Frisbee, then don’t give him the treat and let go of the disc.
  • Now is the time to go outside. Once your dog obeys the “sit down” command, toss the Frisbee from a very short distance and if he catches it, reward him. And, then put your “give” command to test. If she gives you back the disc, reward her again with a treat.
  • The last step consists of slowly-slowly increasing your distance before tossing the disc.


Whether it’s a Pomeranian, a German Shepherd or a Bulldog, dogs just love games and spending quality time with their owners.




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