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5 Tips on How to Care for a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs that are a perfect fit into any family. In addition, they have a beautiful golden coat, which can be wavy or smooth, recalling the appearance of huge teddy bears. If you are thinking about getting one of these lovely dogs, you need to understand how to care for them, which includes considering several aspects: feeding, grooming and appearance, entertainment, training and housebreaking, and safety. This article was written for you to get more tips to be sure you take good care of them!


Choose a quality pet food. When buying food for your golden retriever, find out if the product is “complete and balanced” – that is, if it has passed quality tests and can provide the dog with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You can also buy a pet food made specifically for golden retrievers. Some companies make this distinction between breeds.

Read the list of ingredients in the pet food. Only buy it if the first two items are meats and there are no cereals in the first five ingredients. Meat is the most important energy source for dogs, who are carnivores. If the first item on the list is some cereal or animal by-product, move on to the next option.


Brush the dog’s coat every day. Golden retrievers have long hair, which can be wavy or straight. You therefore need to brush them regularly to avoid tangles and to reduce shedding. Make it part of your pet’s routine at a young age to get him used to it.

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Brush your dog’s coat with a natural bristle brush. In addition, purchase a wire brush and a steel comb to untangle the hair. You can brush the entire surface of the golden retriever’s coat: the back, sides, belly, tail, chest, and ears. During this process, try to find fleas or ticks.

Also look for bark, scratches, red spots, lumps, bumps, or cysts on the dog. If there are any, keep an eye out for a few days; if the problem doesn’t resolve itself (or even gets worse), contact your vet.

3- Exercising

Help the puppy get regular exercise. Golden retrievers are energetic and need plenty of physical activity. Take your pet for a 20 to 30 minute walk twice a day or play with him in the backyard for the same amount of time. Younger dogs need more exercise than older ones.

4- Training

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Teach the puppy to go to the toilet outside the house. If the golden is still a puppy, you can teach him where to poop and pee. To do this, remember the following:

  • Never yell or hit the puppy when he goes potty in the wrong place. When this happens, take him outside immediately.
  • Clean up the mess as soon as the dog does it to prevent him from repeating the mistake. Use an enzymatic cleaner, not something with ammonia though.
  • Buy a sanitary mat or sheets of newspaper for the puppy to use indoors if there is an emergency and you are not around.
  • Take the puppy to the same spot in the yard every time he needs to go to the toilet.
  • Praise and pet the puppy whenever he goes to the toilet in the right place.


5- Health

Take the dog to the vet for routine checkups. From the moment you take the golden to your home, you become responsible for his health. Schedule a veterinary appointment for him to receive the vaccines and other treatments he needs.

Have you heard any other useful tips on how to care for a Golden Retriever? We would love to read them; so don’t forget to share them in the comment section below!



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