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The Rules of Dog Feeding

The Rules of Dog Feeding

Depending on your dog’s age, physical activity, or specific needs (e.g., a pregnant dog), his diet may vary. You can feed your dog in two ways: homemade or industrial food (food or kibble).

Dog food: what are the specificities?

A dog’s diet will depend on its breed and weight as well as on its lifestyle:

 – From a few hundred grams to 100 kg, dogs have the greatest variety of morphologies in the animal kingdom within a single species. You can’t feed a Chihuahua like a mastiff! It is essential to know the specificities of each breed to give it the right food.

 – Moreover, depending on whether the dog is sedentary or athletic, it will not have the exact dietary needs. A dog that practices sports or hunts, for example, needs a diet richer in proteins and slow sugars during hunting or competition to acquire a better resistance to effort.

Feeding the dog: when to give meals?

An adult dog typically eats once or twice a day. If he is particularly greedy, it is preferable to give him his ration two times, to facilitate digestion:

 – Large dogs, more often prone to stomach torsion, must eat in two portions. Eating quickly promotes this severe and often fatal condition.

 – Also, it is not recommended to feed a dog right after returning from a walk. If the dog has been exercising, it’s best to let him rest before giving him his food to avoid the risk of stomach torsion.

Should I vary my dog’s meals?

Dog Feeding

Although it may seem monotonous to eat the same thing repeatedly, dogs do not feel the need to change their diet. Therefore, it is possible to feed them the same food all their lives, adapting it to their nutritional needs.

If it is necessary to change the dog’s diet because of a health problem, it is recommended to proceed gradually, especially if the change is radical (from food to dry food, for example). In this case, the new food should be introduced over several days, incorporating the new food into the old one in small quantities.

Feeding your dog: beware of nutritional errors!

If you want to give your homemade dog food, ask your veterinarian for advice to establish a typical menu with him and to collect all the useful information because:

 – You must be careful not to cause deficiencies in your dog.

 – Dogs are prone to food poisoning with foods that we consider common.

The cost of feeding your dog

Depending on the food you choose for your dog, prices can vary greatly.

The average annual cost of feeding a 10 kg dog

Type of food

Annual cost ($)


Private label


Top of the range in supermarkets


Top of the range pet shop

400-2 500

Top of the range veterinary

2 000-2 500


Private label

100 approximately

Top of the range supermarket


Top of the range pet shop


Top of the range veterinary

500 approximately


300 à 400

Please note: make sure to observe the quantities recommended by the manufacturers.

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