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Which Cat Breed Is Right for You? (Part 1)

Anyone eager to get a cat has a lot to think about. A cat lives a long time – some for more than 15 years, it needs supervision, love, and care, and it costs money. Now that you’re aware of this, the next question comes: which cat suits you best? Cats are different, and there are currently 48 approved breeds. They are long-haired and short-haired, narrow and round, short-nosed and long-tailed, larger and smaller, friendly and playful … We have collected the most popular cat breeds. Find out which one suits you best!


Ragdoll – A Calm, Big and Cuddly Cat

Ragdoll Cats | Your Beautiful, Good-natured and Loving Friend

Ragdoll is a popular breed that loves to cuddle. Ragdoll is the most popular of all cat breeds. It is a curious, calm, and quiet breed with an even temperament. Ragdoll has a tendency to relax when you lift it completely, which has given it its name. Ragdoll gets along well with his family members and wants to spend time with his family and cuddle with his master or mistress. Ragdoll is a large and strong cat with a long muscular body, strong neck, medium-high muscular legs, and round paws with tassels. The coat is long and silky, and the eyes are blue and oval, while the ears are wide apart and have rounded tops. The tail is long and bushy. Ragdoll moves rocking, which is probably because it goes wide apart with its hind legs.


Siberian Cat – Social and Active

Siberian Cat Breed Information - Cat-World

Siberian cat, a dog-like breed because it follows its master or mistress. Siberian cat is an intelligent, curious, social, and easy to learn breed. It has a lovely temperament and is often talkative. The Siberian cat happily follows its family on its heels. For that reason, the species is sometimes described as dog-like. In addition, it is active and likes to climb, play and jump. It feels best from activation and company and is best suited for you who have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the cat and activate with toys. Siberian cat is strong and muscular with large, round paws, a long tail, and a short, muscular neck. The coat is very dense but relatively short on the back and long around the neck, chest, and hind legs. The coat feels slightly hard to the touch. The tail is covered with strong hairs. The Siberian cat’s ears are medium-sized and have round tips with tassels.


Maine Coon – A Very Friendly Breed

Meet The Maine Coon Cat Who's Taking The Internet By Storm

The Maine coon is a friendly cat with a stable temperament. Maine coon is a curious and easy-to-learn cat that has a sound and pleasant character. Although the cat can sometimes look very tough, it is very kind and friendly. The Maine Coon is an amiable breed that loves master and mistress, likes to be with them everywhere, sees what they have in mind, and easily adapts to environments as long as it has room for exercise. The Maine Coon is large, muscular, and broad-shouldered. It can be felt larger than it is due to the long and rectangular body and the long tail. Its bushy tail is broad at the base and tapering, the eyes are large and placed far apart, and the ears sit high on the head and are wide at the bottom and have a tassel on the tip. The coat is silky and half-long, dense and thick, but shorter on the shoulders and head and longer on the back and hind legs.


Norwegian Forest Cat – A Stylish Breed That Fits Like an Indoor Cat

10 Furry Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats | Mental Floss

Norwegian forest cat is a beautiful, handsome, and friendly breed that likes to chat without being loud. It is loving and affectionate. In the soul, it is still a hunter, chasing its toys as if they were real. Several times a day, it patrols to make sure everything is fine. It is an amiable cat. Many forest cats like to be high up, for example, on cabinets and shelves. There should therefore be placed high up and space to run on, then the forest cat thrives. It also likes to have its own space and enjoys running, hiding, and attacking its toys. The Norwegian Forest cat is excellent to have as an indoor cat – they are large and muscular and have a long body and high legs. Their hind legs are higher than the front legs. They have a triangular head shape and large ears with tassels. Their fur is unique – it has a thick undercoat and long water-repellent cover hairs hanging over the back and along the sides.


So, cat lovers, do you want to discover more cat breeds? Stay tuned for the second part!






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