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Quirky Kitty Antics: 5 Weird Cat Behaviours Explained

To be honest with you, I don’t know why but I’ve never really liked cats.

Now, now, before you explode and start referring to the video where a cat plays the hero and saves a sleeping family from fire, I’d like to add that I still respect cat lovers.

And, putting my odd dislike aside, it’s not not breaking news that these feline creatures can be real weirdos at times.

#1. Why Do Cats Present Their Butts?

Cats Present Their Butts

Only an Ailurophile can recognize this feeling: You are sitting, waiting for your cat to curl up next to you when all of a sudden they stick their butt in your face. Things can get even worse when they smell like the litter box, making the situation even more gross.

But, the thing is they are not evil geniuses who want to disgust you but instead want to “invite” you to check them out or simply give you a nice hello.

It’s completely normal for them to sniff the butts of other cats just like how you would give a hug or kiss to greet a friend. In return, don’t stick your butt to their face but reciprocate their compliment with a friendly scratch.

#2. Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Cats Scratch Furniture

You recently bought a new shiny piece of furniture. Give it some time and you will notice how sports gouges, tears, rips, or frays start to appear. Only one member of your family can be behind this: your feline companion.

I’m sure most cat owners have experienced this.

Scratching is an expected and normal cat behavior. Truth is, they have an innate need to scratch. It has nothing to do with their malicious side towards humans. They can scratch to express certain emotions such as excitement or stress or to mark their territory, which acts as a threatening signal to other cats. Sometimes, they do it to remove the dead layer on their claws.

Want to protect your furniture from their scratching powers? Providing them with a lot of toys to scratch will be even more desirable and comfortable than your couch.

#3. Why Do They Eat Plastic?

Cat Eat Plastic

Here’s another familiar scene: you arrive home from the supermarket and you don’t have the time to say “Scoot!” and your cat is already chewing on the plastic bags.

You are probably wondering why your cat likes to eat plastic. Do they have Pica?

Side note: Pica is an uncontrollable eating disorder where people or animals would crave to eat non-edible items such as paint, clay, rocks, chalks, soaps and, in the worst scenario, cigarette ashes and feces.

Unless your cat is a pure breed or a Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese and other Oriental types (that have a higher risk of suffering from Pica), your cat just feels attracted to the appearance of plastic. Some explain how plastic bags coated with cornstarch or made up of animal products like gelatin can appeal to cats. Sometimes, they might just develop a fondness for the texture and taste of plastic.

However, it’s not a treat but rather a choking hazard that your cat is nibbling on. So, try to think of ways how you can discourage this dangerous habit.

#4. Why Do They Wink?

Cat Wink

Your cat’s been winking at you?

Well, there’s neither something in their eye nor are they flirting with you? Or, maybe they are.

Research shows that when your cat is winking at you, it’s a way to tell you that they trust you. You may find it a bit peculiar but it’s just their way of communicating with you. It is a gesture of friendship and affection where they show you how comfortable, happy and safe they feel in your presence.

#5. Why Are They Interrupting Your Phone Calls?

Cats Interrupting you

It’s not only when you are on the phone. You might be working at the keyboard or reading the latest Stephen King’s novel.

This is their way of being jealous and asking for your attention rather than giving it to these objects.

Solution: spend some more quality time with your feline companion.


There’s a saying that goes like this, “never trust a person who doesn’t like cats.” But, I’m sure my article must have somewhere to help you to understand your cat more and rekindle your relationship with it.






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