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Which Cat Breed Is Right for You? (Part 2)

Are you planning to adopt a cat? Choosing a purebred cat with a pedigree will help you assess its future personality. Pedigree cats are carefully selected from generation to generation to have specific physical characteristics and traits that evolve from breed to breed. Of course, this ain’t an exact science: each cat has a unique personality determined mainly by how it was socialized in its early years. However, the cat’s breed is still a good indicator. So, which one best suits your preferences and lifestyle? Let’s check this out below!


Holy Burma

Birmaclub - Comprehensive and detailed information about the Birman cat

Holy Burmese are usually just called Burmese. It is a calm, friendly and quiet race. It is also determined and knows what it wants. With its calm temperament, Burma is friendly and adaptable. The Burmese usually attach themselves to a person. Some Burmese may become a little jealous if their master or mistress does not give them enough attention. They are territorial but do not become aggressive. Many Burmese do not leave their master or mistress alone. If you are in the toilet, you have to get used to having the cat with you. Burma is a medium-sized cat with a relatively long body with short and strong legs. It should give a sweet expression. The most characteristic of a sacred Burmese are the four white paws, and on the hind paws, the white should go up in a wedge that is like an upside-down V. The head is slightly heart-shaped, and the ears are small, and the eyes are clear blue. Birman has a shiny and silky medium coat. The sacred Burmese has a very unusual color drawing – so-called “Himalayan” where their face, tail, legs, and ears are darker than the rest of their body.


British Shorthair

A Fun Collection Of Facts About British Shorthair Cats - Cole & Marmalade

British shorthair is a quiet and quiet breed that is friendly, affectionate, and easy to care for. It is loyal and loving. This cat breed is easy to get along with. Because it is so caring, it will attach itself to all its family members. Although it loves to play, it does not need attention all the time. It can withstand being alone, is good at playing by itself, and is therefore extra suitable for those who live alone. British shorthair is medium to large, muscular, and chubby, with strong legs and round and firm paws. It can sometimes have various colors and even look like a teddy bear, with its short, dense, and plush-like fur and its slightly chubby body. Their tail is short and thick with a rounded tip. Britten’s head is wide; the ears are wide apart, and the eyes are large and round.



Bengal Breeders Australia | Bengal Info & kittens

Bengal is a cat breed that can look wild but is very tame. It is large and athletic, independent, alert, active, alert, curious, and an excellent climber. It is a loyal breed with a friendly temperament. Bengal attaches itself to people around it and is a loyal friend. Bengal is an active and very athletic cat that needs the opportunity to run and move freely. The Bengal has a medium-length, slender, muscular body and strong legs that resemble a wildcat. It moves smoothly and often with a sneaky gait and with a low tail. Their tails are strong with a rounded tip. Their fur is short and dense, feels soft and velvet-like, and has a gold tone as a base color and a beautiful pattern similar to a leopard. Their ears are wide apart, wide at the base, and have rounded tips. Their eyes are large, expressive, and active.


Munchkin Cat

munchkin kittens for sale near me - TOMKINGS MUNCHKIN CATTERY

And if you don’t fancy adult cats and are usually smitten by kittens. Don’t worry; there’s a solution to this strange problem – the Munchkin cat. This cat with very short legs got its morphology through a natural mutation. They will keep their small size all their life, which is very cute. But they are also known to retain their feline character! This means that these cats are eager to please and are affectionate. And don’t worry, their small size doesn’t stop them from running around, climbing on furniture and doing silly things! The Munchkin is unique because of its small size, but other cats, such as the Somali cat, are also known for their playful nature.


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