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Should You Breed Your Dog?

Should You Breed Your Dog?


Getting into dog reproduction is not an adventure to be taken lightly. Heat, mating, gestation, and whelping are all steps to follow that require a strong involvement from the owner. Unless you are highly motivated, sterilization may be a better solution.

Reproduction of your dog: the reasons for this choice

First of all, you should not believe that a dog or a bitch “needs” to have puppies to be balanced. This is anthropomorphism: animals are not aware of “motherhood” or “fatherhood”, which does not prevent them from being attentive parents when they have puppies.

The reasons for deciding to breed your dog can be varied:

If you own a mongrel, a mutt, or a purebred dog not registered in the American stud book, you can breed your dog to have puppies at home. But make sure you can place them afterward.

If you own a purebred dog registered in the American stud book, you may want to keep the lineage of your male or female dog alive. But you should know that you can’t improvise yourself as a breeder.

Breeding a dog: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Should You Breed Your Dog

To breed your dog must be a thoughtful decision that will weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages of breeding your dog

Having a bitch who is expecting a litter is the assurance to spend beautiful moments to:

  • observing the evolution of the gestation;
  • assisting with the birth of the puppies;
  • following the development of the puppies.

It is a great adventure, but not to be taken lightly.


Getting into breeding is an adventure that has many more disadvantages than advantages:

  • It’s not remunerative: dismiss right away the idea of making money from the sale of puppies. Once all the costs are added up, you will earn money by selling the puppies, but not necessarily very high amounts. Consider this:
  • The cost of breeding can be high.
  • Veterinary fees are expensive.
  • Puppy food is costly, etc.

It is a bustling business, and for the following reasons:

from whelping on, you will have to clean up the puppies’ droppings in the puppy room several times a day.

When the puppies start to feed on food other than mother’s milk, you will have to serve meals several times a day

you will need to start looking for a stud dog several weeks before the expected breeding date.

You will have to agree with the owner on the terms and conditions, advertising for the sale of the puppies, and receiving the potential buyers.

This activity requires you to take steps because, for purebred dogs, the reproduction of a bitch entails: a declaration of mating, declaration of birth, identification card, etc.

Anyone selling a puppy must be registered, starting with the first animal sold. In addition, people who wish to sell more than one litter per year must declare their activity to the directorate in charge of the animal population and follow training courses with an organization authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to American Humane, the veterinarian profession is encouraged to help reduce the number of unwanted pets whenever and however possible.

This activity includes advocating for the neutering of cats and dogs adopted from public or private animal care and control institutions, reducing the number of offspring contributing to pet overpopulation. 

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