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Top 5 Family Dogs (along with practical tips).

Many families have envisaged getting a puppy during lock-down. However, picking the right breed is essential, such as choosing a small dog if you don’t have much space at home or a hypoallergenic dog if you have allergies. One more thing to consider is that certain breeds are more family-friendly than the others.

Did you know that every year, 6.5 million animals are placed into animal shelters? As a result, instead of purchasing, you may consider adopting. You’ll give a tail-wagger a home, and they may turn out to be your new best buddy.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever, Dog, Pet, Tongue Out, Animal
Labrador Retriever.


Labrador retrievers are excellent family dogs. They’ll get along fine with other pets and children because of their calm character. They like to be surrounded; thus, they thrive as a family member.

The Lab is very obedient and flexible, making it ideal for a busy household. Did you know that they have the world’s waggiest tail? They will make sure you know that they are always delighted to see you! On top of this, they do have a strong desire to defend and care for their people.

Tips: If you have a Labrador, you should brush their coat every day.


2. English Bulldogs


English Bulldog, Dog, Sweet, Charming, Mammals, Puppy
English Bulldog.


Because of their personality and attitude, English Bulldogs are not threatening dogs. With its warm and inviting attitude, the English Bulldog is more likely to cuddle a person than attack them since they are more docile and easygoing than other breeds.

At this point, you already know that the English Bulldog is a kind and loving dog. In addition to that, they are an excellent family pet and get along pretty well with most youngsters and kids. Be aware that English bulldogs can be unfriendly to unknown canines, so if you have other pets at home, introduce them gradually.

Tips: You should regulate their weight as they may develop leg problems if they start putting on too much weight.


3. Golden Retriever


Dog, Puppy, Pet, Golden Retriever, Doggy, Animal, Pup
Golden Retriever.

Adding a new dog as part of your family is a serious decision, and there are even more aspects to consider if you have children. Of course, you want a dog that gets along well with children and also one who will immediately become their greatest buddy. Golden retrievers are pretty well known as good family dogs. If you have a busy family, you would want to opt for a Golden Retriever as they do not require much maintenance and grooming.

Tips: Make sure to provide them with their daily exercises as Golden Retrievers are very active and need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day.


4. Irish Setter

Irish Setter, Dog, Fur, Light Brown, Pet, Big Dog
Irish Setter.

The Irish Setter, known for its red coat, is a lively and active dog who enjoys being in the presence of people and gets along well with kids. This breed enjoys being with their family so much that they despise being alone. If you have an energetic kid, the Irish Setter is the perfect match. They are highly intelligent thus making it easy to train them. If you do not have a yard or live in an apartment, I suggest you choose another breed as an Irish Setter needs large spaces.

Tips: You better introduce the Irish Setter to grooming at an early stage so that he gets used to it.


5. Newfoundland

Newfoundland, Dog, Black, German Longhaired Pointer

The Newfoundland, often known as “Nature’s Babysitter,” is one of the most intelligent dog breeds globally, and these canines also happen to adore children. They are huge and intimidating, but they are incredibly charming and will easily win over your family members.

Although they are known to drool and shed excessively, Newfoundland is best suited to a house with vast, open areas. Their long coats will need to be groomed and maintained regularly.

Tips: Newfoundland is a strong dog. When he is still a puppy, you should cut his nails often to get him used to it.

Choosing a dog for your family should be a little bit easier now that you know a little more about family-friendly dogs. ‘Dogs are man’s best friend,’ as we all know so we’d love to hear from you; share some of your favorite family-friendly dog breeds in the comments section below.

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