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The Very Best Cat Diet for Cats, According to Experts and Veterinarians

We don’t do it on purpose, but we often feed some low-quality food and wrong nutritional diets to our cats.

If you are tired of the raging indignation of the absurd commercialized cat diets, you need to give this article a chance.

#1. Age Matters a Lot

Age Matters a Lot

In my personal opinion and, of course, the opinion of vets over the last ten years or so, when it comes to cat food, one of the most crucial factors that need to be considered is the cat’s age – one element which is often overlooked by many cat owners.

This whole thing is actually termed as the “life-stage feeding” – a process that implies matching a pet’s diet with what it actually needs at different ages and stages of growth.

Kittens, for example, will not eat the same solid food as adult cats (just like human babies). Theirs need to be soft and easy to digest, that is, dry cat food soaked in water or kitten milk. As their tummies are still small, they only need food in small quantities, but as they are more active than adult ones, they require additional nutrition.

As they reach 12 months old, they are completely ready for adult food and can be fed at least twice a day.

#2. A Cat’s Nutritional Needs Will Vary Over Time

A Cat’s Nutritional Needs Will Vary Over Time

As a cat owner, you need to remember that there will never be a “single” best cat diet that will be appropriate for your cat throughout its lifetime.

With so much advertising focusing on brands, people are ignoring some critical factors that need to be considered.

Along with your cat’s life stages, one also needs to concentrate on any potential diseases or sensitivities their cats may have acquired over time.

A mother cat, for example, nursing its little ones need a higher caloric diet.

For senior cats, foods high in protein is recommended to support their renal systems while a diet low in fat and calories is a great option for cats that need to reduce their weight.

Whatever the needs of your cat, only Ecopet can provide you with a healthy diet for your feline.

#3. Cats Need a Lot of Animal-Based Proteins

Cats Need a Lot of Animal-Based Proteins

A cat is an obligate carnivore and so as per some veterinarians, a diet high in moisture and protein and low in carbohydrates is favoured for cats.

Studies reported in 2011 indicated that when given free access to foods containing different concentrations of protein, fat and carbohydrate, cats tend to self-select those with a higher percentage of protein, ending with a very low percentage of carbohydrates.

All this to say, there is no such thing as a vegetarian cat.

#4. Cool It on the Carbs

Cool It on the Carbs

Again, as mentioned above, felines are animals that require a significant level of animal-based proteins in the regular diet.

If we go by what some experts have said, “grains and generally a lot of carbohydrates in a cat’s diet do not hold any essential nutritional purpose. Instead, they can create undesired circumstances such as malnutrition, obesity, organ issues and even GI tract issues.

Want to avoid these problems? Avoid such diets.

#5. Wet Foods Are Proven to Be Better

Wet Foods Were Proven to Be Better

Here, regardless of health or age, it is true that many devoted cat lovers would tell you that wet foods are a thousand times better than dry ones.

Initially, I was a bit shocked about an age-old myth, claiming that wet food is a big no because it can damage your cat’s teeth. This, my dear friends, fall in the “not-true-at-all” pile.

Research has found that compared to dry foods, wet foods can meet a cat’s nutritional needs better. Most experts believe that a cat’s diet should be mainly composed of 80 % of wet food and 20 % of dry food.

Plus, if you’ve got a cat that doesn’t have enough water, switching to wet food is always suggested by most veterinarians.


If you want the best and most healthy diet for your cat, you need to reach out to Ecopet as soon as possible.


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