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Russian Hamster: 8 Tips for Caring for Your Small Rodent

The Russian hamster is a small rodent easy to maintain. This variety of hamster, somewhat different from the common breed, can be kept quietly at home, being a pet that doesn’t require much attention, although if you don’t know it, caring for it can be a difficult task.

If you are considering getting a Russian hamster and want to learn how to give it the ideal care so that your rodent grows up healthy and happy, read the following article carefully. We will tell you how to take care for a Russian hamster.

Steps to Follow:



Don’t forget that this is your rodent’s home, so you need to buy a suitable cage to make his stay easier and happier, as well as to always keep it clean. We recommend that you place your hamster’s cage in an airy room and, also, away from direct sunlight. Remember that these animals usually sleep most of the time and the sun’s rays could cause them to suffer from heat stroke.


Be careful not to clean your Russian hamster’s cage with aggressive chemicals. We advise you to do it with soft disinfectants. You can find them in pet stores. Another option is to make a mixture of mild soap and water to shine the cage. Then, dry your small rodent’s house well and add the sawdust.


Normally, Russian hamsters tend to relieve themselves in one corner of their cage. Try to keep this area clean every day and change the sawdust once a week.


If you want to avoid having a lot of Russian hamsters, we recommend that you do not mix males and females in the same cage. Remember that these small rodents have a very short gestation period – between 16 and 21 days – so if you don’t want to have a large number of Russian hamsters, we recommend that you separate the sexes.

5.Don’t Disturb It

During the day, Russian hamsters usually sleep and spend most of the night awake. So if you want your rodent to be happy, don’t disturb it during the day and let it sleep peacefully.



To take good care of your hamster, you must feed it by buying the special hamster preparations that are sold in pet stores. In addition, you can give him fruits and vegetables in very small quantities. Small pieces of apple, corn, lettuce or tomato will be ideal for him. Remember, he’s a small animal, so you don’t want to saturate him. Give him small pieces to satisfy him. Don’t give him very sweet foods, as Russian hamsters tend to suffer from diabetes.


Like all animals, hamsters also need your affection. So take him out of his cage every day for a little while to pet him. This way, you’ll also prevent it from becoming a wild hamster and you’ll have tamed it. This is one of the differences with common hamsters, as the Russian hamster can revert to its natural wild state if not petted. Remember: if you want to play or pamper him, do it from the afternoon or night and we recommend you to buy specific toys.


Like any pet, the Russian hamster also needs to be groomed often, but in a special way. Place the appropriate type of sand in his cage so that he can soak in it. Even if you think he’s getting dirty, it will leave his skin glowing and clean. If you can’t find this type of sand, you can use fine sand from the beach. You’ll love it!

What other pet do you have at home and how do you take care of it? Share your tips in the comments below.

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