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Proper Diets for Dogs with Cancer

Dogs, like humans, are capable of suffering from cancer. This pathology is a serious disease and complicated to treat. However, with good dietary care and proper monitoring of its evolution, the disease can be overcome.

Giving dogs with cancer with the appropriate diet is essential and you should have a specialist’s help so that he can advise you on the illness. If your dog suffers from cancer, it must indeed follow a certain diet controlled by your veterinarian, who must monitor the progress of the disease.

A well-prepared natural diet can be ideal for your dog. You will be able to control the ingredients used and provide your dog with a tasty food that he will love. You will have to choose carefully as not all foods are suitable for dogs, the amounts and nutrients you need to provide your dog, in order to achieve a balanced diet, must be well supplied and flawless.


Feeding Dogs Properly is a Means of Prevention

A good way to prevent this disease is to have a balanced diet with the appropriate and necessary nutrients that allow your body to fight the disease. And in today’s article, we will tell you everything you should know about the diet of dogs that suffer from cancer.

Change of Diet

From the moment our pet is diagnosed with cancer, it is necessary to change his diet, so that he receives all the necessary nutrients, choosing highly digestible and palatable foods. They should contain a limited amount of carbohydrates, high amounts of protein, and some types of healthy fats.

Be sure to provide the nutrients he needs. High quality protein is very important. Its diet should contain omega-3 fatty acids and few carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in your dog’s diet should be complex, avoiding fast-acting sugars.

Simple carbohydrates are especially dangerous for a dog with cancer. You should avoid grain-based foods, so it is best to use high-quality foods with specific formulas for your disease, or well-balanced natural foods.


A diet rich in fats should be given, which will occupy 40-60% of the diet, with this the malignant cells will not be able to feed or reproduce.


High quality animal proteins are very important for your dog. These proteins can come from chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, canned sardines… among others.

Vegetables and Fruits are the Best Choices

Some vegetables or fruits, such as berries, broccoli, pumpkin or spinach, contain vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for dogs, so it’s important to provide a small amount. The fiber in vegetables will help promote good bowel movement.

How to Prepare a Good Menu for Your Dog

Natural food is a good alternative for any dog, but you must prepare it carefully to ensure a balanced diet. In case your dog has this disease, you need to provide him with nutrients that strengthen his immune system and help him fight the cancerous cells.

It is important to use quality animal proteins, low carbohydrates and moderate amounts of healthy fats, as well as fiber to maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

This menu may contain

– Lean muscle meat without the fat, mixed with green leafy vegetables.

– A mixture of lean muscle meat, offal, vegetables and a previously frozen raw bone.

– Steamed pumpkin or a fruit and vegetable puree. Berries, such as blueberries, are very good to include in the diet.

– You can also give cooked chicken, cooked liver, boiled rice…

– In its preparations, olive oil is used.

There you are! If your dog has cancer, you now know what type of food you should be giving it. But remember to always ask advice from a vet first. What are the other special needs of your dog? Share them with us in the comments below.

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