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How Would You Change Your House to Be More Pet Friendly?

Pets are part of the family. Apart from being a good companion, pets have a lot of therapeutic properties attached to them. Nowadays, people are making pet-parenting fancier than ever before. There are numerous services for pets; daycare for pets, beauty salons, and many other very pricey things. Moreover, in some homes, pets have their rooms, and pet parents are willing to modify their houses to accommodate their little friends.

Previously, pets like dogs had a little kennel in the backyard outside the house, but times have changed. No one will allow their children to sleep outside of the house without a blanket, so why would we let our pets (part of the family) sleep outside? So, let’s create a home that will be pet-friendly while remaining stylish…

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

gray tabby cat under gray throw pillow
Invest In Pet-Friendly Couch.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

Think pet-friendly whenever you are investing in new furniture. We see these white couches all over Instagram looking great and we think how it would fit our living room, but can you imagine having a white sofa with a pet around? This idea seems a little less great. I would suggest you go for a darker couch, or if you already have a light color couch, cover it with a darker fabric. A dark sofa won’t reveal stains as much as a soft-color couch.

If you have a fabric couch rather than a leather one, you will want to have a good lint brush; as we all know, pets shed a lot unless you have a pet breed that does not shed. Though a fabric couch has disadvantages, the leather couch has disadvantages too, especially when your pet has very sharp claws.

Buy Trash Cans With Lids

Our little four-legged friend loves the bin; even if they are well-fed, they will come for our leftovers in the trash can. Some dogs do not approach the bin, as they are well-trained or obedient by nature.

To be on the safe side, when buying a trash can, opt for something that is doggy-friendly. Look for a high-quality trash can with a heavy lid. Odor-proof trash will be an additional advantage.

Keeping Your House Safe

Keep Your Pet Away From House Plants.
Keep Your Pet Away From House Plants.

Pets are instinctive explorers; if they find something that they are not familiar with, they will undoubtedly chew on it. Beware of your makeup, lotions, medications, house plants, laundry supplies, sharp objects like knives and razors, and so on (I listed the most important, but the list is extensive).

Having a pet is similar to having a kid. They are very curious, so keep everything that may hurt them out of their reach.

Earlier, I mentioned of house plant. You should know that some house plants are toxic for pets, so it is better to research the plants you have at home. You may want to invest in safe flowers if you like plants around the house.

If you have a bird as a pet, clean their feeders regularly. If there are too much feces around, it will generate bacteria that may kill your bird.

Tips for Home Owners With Pets

Make sure always to fill your pet water bowl regularly and that they always have a little shady area in the yard for them to relax.

– Do not let their ticks and fleas go untreated. Some people have the mindset that pets naturally have ticks and fleas, but it is far from true, so make sure to treat them.

Visit the vet often, keep their vaccinations up-to-date. Do not think that your dog will be stressed at the sight of the veterinarian, its much better to have a slightly stressed dog than a sick one.

– Be ready in case of emergency with the vet number nearby.

As a pet parent, you won’t be at home 24/7, so make sure that your place is safe for your pets. I recommend you put your contact info on the collar of the latter. It would be best if you equipped yourself for any eventuality. Let us know in the comments if you have a pet-friendly house…

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