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Biggest Dog Parenting Mistake You Are Making.

A little tail-wagger will bring happiness to your life. A Harvard Medical School Special Report titled “Get Healthy, Get a Dog” suggests the benefit a dog can procure. Being a pet parent is not as easy as you may think. It requires much more than just small taps on the head and cuddles. Pet parents should be aware of the responsibility a pet comes with. To make sure that your little friends grow in a healthy environment, you should abstain from certain habits. Let’s discover if you make these common mistakes as a pet parent?

Disregard Training.

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Do not dismiss dog training.

Training is an integral part of a dog’s life. It helps to develop-mentally as well as physically. Many pet parents disregard training as they do not want their dog to go through what they often associate with stress. When in fact, establishing reward-based training will be fun and beneficial.

You may ask yourself why training is essential? Training provides guidance and it will learn the basic manners. Keep in mind that punishment should not be physical. Keep alert words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’, which you will use whenever your pet is wrong. When the process is done successfully, it will be an enriching experience.

Keep in mind that you should not dismiss training, but you should also make it consistent.

Overload Kindness.

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Put some rules.

The love we have towards our little friend often lead us to over spoil them. You may think that this is not serious and that it won’t hurt. Don’t be fooled. Many of us flinch when it comes to saying no, then we found ourselves with our favourite pair of sandals wholly ruined.

When you do not set appropriate boundaries, you will suffer from their behaviours later on. But a dog needs to be educated when required, just as a kid. Due to a lack of defined norms and boundaries, many beautiful dogs are surrendered to shelters for merely acting in a manner that their owner allows becoming a habit.

Avoiding The Veterinarian.

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Have regular check-ups.

Like it would be best if you had a regular check-up at the doctor and the dentist, your dog should go to the veterinarian regularly too. Do not wait until your dog is sick to rush to the vet. You can avoid the vet for many reasons; you do not want to stress your dog, or you want to avoid the cost; either way, you are wrong.

You think that your dog is healthy, let me tell you that some dogs are pro at hiding illnesses until it’s too late. Having a regular visit with your puppy to the vet will allow them to forge a relationship, thus cancelling the feeling of stress.


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Do not over-feed your dog.

Is there a right or wrong way to feed your dog? Of course. Many medical issues come with meals, and you have to be very cautious about feeding your dog. Dog owners often like to treat their dogs (this is not a bad thing), but they frequently repeatedly do so during the day in addition to their meals. Giving your pets a treat or two during the day to show your love is okay, but remember that obesity brings along other medical issues. No owner wants to see their little friend have difficulty moving around and playing freely because they are too heavy.

Do not let your love and affection toward your little friend affect their education. Know that while you educate your pet, the best way they will behave and your relationship with him will be less complicated. Please let us know if you were making one of these mentioned mistakes down in the comments.

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