When it’s time for vacation, you simply want to get away. It’s time for you to go on holiday in the sun, swim in the water, watch the beautiful sunsets and so much more. When you are the proud owner of a dog, you also need to spend this time with him. So, the question arises: is it possible for you to take a dog to the beach? The answer is the following!

A Dog at the Beach: What Are the Measures to Respect?

The first measure to respect when you take your dog to the beach is to go to a beach where access is authorized to dogs. This prohibition has become more than evident due to the behavior of some dog owners. Indeed, they are negligent when it comes to cleaning the dirt caused by their dogs.

In addition, when dogs bathe, the water quality is questioned by the majority of residents. This is another reason why local authorities restrict access to beaches for dogs. Moreover, depending on a dog’s education, it can be difficult for his owner to control him when he is in the open air.

Your dog may disturb other beach residents by its agitation, repeated barking, and other actions. Dog owners must pay a fine if they do not respect the restriction.

Dogs at the Beach: What Measures Should Be Taken for Their Health?

Beyond the disturbance it can represent for vacationers, the ban on dogs at the beach is also a safety measure for his health. However, when you decide to take your dog to the beach, here are the steps to follow:

Keep An Umbrella

Just like humans, dogs can also fall victim to heatstroke. To prevent this, it is necessary to keep an umbrella to create a shelter for your dog. Opt for sun creams, especially for dogs, you can find them in veterinary premises. After all, it is not advisable to apply the cream you use.

Think About His Hydration

Dehydration happens very quickly when the dog spends all the time eating in the sand, tasting saltwater, and sunbathing. Having a water bowl and about 3 liters of water with you would be a perfect solution to keep your dog hydrated. As he feels the need to hydrate, he can simply indulge himself by getting closer to his water bowl.

Avoid Hot Weather

Taking your dog to the beach between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. is not a good idea during summer. Your dog is at risk of heat exhaustion. Plus, when the sun is at its peak, your dog’s paw pads are also at risk of severe burns. Leaving your dog at home to rest is the solution during hot weather.

Dog, Puppy, Playing, Ball, Sand, Beach, Pet, Canine
Dog, Puppy, Playing, Ball, Sand, Beach, Pet, Canine

Remember to Clean Up after Swimming

After swimming in saltwater, you need to rinse your dog’s fur with fresh water, and it must be completely dry before you return. This rinsing should not prevent you from giving your dog a full bath when you get home.

Indeed, your dog may come home with waste on his body and in the most sensitive parts, such as his ears, which are more sensitive and require special attention.

Adopt a Watchful Posture

At the beach with your dog, you are called upon to be your dog’s spotter. It will be up to you to prevent your dog from disturbing the peace of others. You must make sure that he does not wander too far away at the risk of awakening his adventurous side.

If you follow these tips, you can take your four legged friend at the beach with you without any issues!

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