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Dog Pooping Everywhere, Help!!!

Writing this post from my personal experience…

Three years ago, I bought a pug, with the pleasure of owning a cuddly companion. Little did I know that he would be pooping EVERYWHERE!

I would wake up in the morning to pee and poo covered carpets only to be met with a pile of stinky dog poop on my freshly cleaned floors in the afternoon. I’ve tried letting him out at least 10- 15 times a day (especially whenever he looks like he has to go) but still in vain. Sometimes, even after being outside for full 20 minutes, he would come back inside only to poop on the floor. We might be watching a movie and there he gets up and poops. We might be having a romantic candlelight dinner when he gets up and you know the rest. I think he feels like the whole house is his bloody bathroom!

The whole situation was so embarrassing that I was freaking scared to invite people over. I was frustrated with the smells spread throughout the house and my charming white carpets turned into yellow and black.

Luckily, I got a friend who was able to point me in the right direction. And, if you feel like you are living the same nightmare as me, follow these tips.

More House Training

More House Training

If you’ve adopted a pup that’s still very young, he needs to be potty trained properly. And, remember when they are young, it will take more time and a little more house training.

Create and enforce a routine for your dog’s meals and toilet breaks—trust me, dogs adapt rapidly to these regimens.

Be consistent and confident in your house training but try to take one step at a time.

Irregular Potty Breaks

Irregular Potty Breaks

A pup will usually act as a magnet, staying around you all the time and never leaving your side. However, you may be leaving your dog alone in the house for too long to the point where they can’t just hold it anymore.

If you don’t want to end up coming home to yet another accident on your cream-colored carpet, I suggest taking your lunch breaks to come home and let your pup out. Or better, how about hiring a pet sitter?

Do You Have An Aging Dog?

Do You Have An Aging Dog?

If you have an older dog, yelling at him isn’t going to fix this issue.

As they age, some dogs have a tough time with a variety of tasks and pooping indoors is one of them. You dog may have issues controlling his bowels or it could be his weakening muscles.

Moreover, older dogs can develop a condition known as “canine cognitive dysfunction”, which is a kind of dog version for Alzheimer’s disease. Affected dogs may then forget everything you’ve taught them about potty training.

In such circumstances, I’d request you not to yell at your dog and instead limit him to only some areas of your house. Dog diapers can also be considered (at the vet’s recommendation).

Anxiety or Boredom

Anxiety or Boredom

If you’ve been out of the house for a really long time, neglecting your pooch, don’t you think he has the right to get back to you for not pampering him enough?

Now, I’m not suggesting that your dog’s pooping everywhere in your house is a part of a well-planned revenge scheme, but it could be an indicator that he’s bored – a weird way to express boredom!

Or, maybe it’s stress talking.

Going back to my pug, every time I used to yell at him or punish him, his coping mechanism was to squat and poo.

If it’s anxiety or boredom you are dealing with, then I strongly recommend pampering your dog like never before.

No matter how helpful these tips may be, going to a vet is a must.








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