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Best Ways for You and Your Dog to Destress Together?

Best Ways for You and Your Dog to Destress Together?With all the COVID-19 restrictions and the current rise in prices, there’s no denying that the world is currently in a state of stress. However, did you know that you might not be the only one to be stressed or anxious?

If you feel like your dog is also going through that same stressful phase as you, here are some easy ways for both of you to overcome that stress and stay healthy.

A Nice Treat

A Nice TreatWe are all living in an era that’s defined by a busy lifestyle and in the process of coping with this exhausting way of living, your stress level could be increased. At that time, a little treat could do wonders.

Sometimes, it is recommended to do something good and pleasurable for yourself; something you do just for the enjoyment of it is proved to be very beneficial for both your mental and physical health. So, if you are a chocolate lover, treat yourself to some milky, creamy and crunchy chocolates.

The same concept goes for your dog. If you can feel that your furry friend is going through a sort of stressful event, offering him some little treats from time to time will help reduce his tension or nervousness. Some studies have shown that dogs who were given treats every day for two weeks were reported to have lower levels of stress hormones.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the concept of the “high value treat.” It’s when you pamper your dog by incorporating lots of flavor and greasy or crumbly textured food to his meals. For example, you could include a tiny piece of bacon, a little piece of salami, tiny pieces of chicken, tripe, cheese or peanut butter in his meal – in other words, foods that you don’t often give to your dog.

P.S: Just remember, if you’ll be snacking on chocolates, don’t share with your pet as it could be dangerous.

Music Therapy

Music TherapyEveryone knows that music –no matter what kind of music – can help relax the most anxious human being. But, do you know why or how?

You see, as soon as the playlist would strike the right chords, your body would instantly go on a physiological joyride. It would increase your heart rate, dilate your pupils, your body temperature would rise and your blood would be redirected to your legs and your cerebrum would become active while your brain would be flushed with dopamine. To make it simple, research has shown that music can affect your brain the same way that sex, gambling, potato chips or chocolate does. So, whenever you are stressed or you feel like your dog is stressed, put on some music. As soon as you’ll hear the music playing, you will be soaked with dopamine and then BAM, you and your furry friend will get the chills –the chills to move, shake, jump and dance.

Dancing is not only meant for human beings, but also for animals. Initially, dancing was a way for animals to attract a mate and find a partner. But, music can also help in lowering their stress levels. And, if you are wondering what kind of music you and your dog can groove to, well you are free to choose. But, some studies have proved that many dogs prefer classical music like harp music or the classic and iconic Beethoven.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Noah’s Harp: Surrender by Susan Raimond
  • ‘Watching the Wheat’ by John Thomas
  • Harp solo from ‘Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti
  • Variations on a Theme of Mozart by Glinka
  • Vltava by Smeltana
  • Through A Dog’s Ear by pianist Lisa Spector and psychoacoustics researcher Joshua Leeds

Engage in Daily Activity With Your Pet

Engage in Daily Activity With Your PetWhy do you have a dog when you never or rarely play or interact with him?

When your dog is stressed or nervous, playing or simply interacting with him on a daily basis will show him your love and encourage him to be strong. It is also very important for his well-being. And, the same goes for you. So, start engaging in daily walks, jogs and indoor games to keep both you and your pet in good health.



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