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Beach Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach?

What’s, or rather, where’s your escape plan when you intend to relax and have some fun with your four-legged friend?

The beach, isn’t it?

But, before you soak up to the sun, here are some safety tips you need to consider for your pooch.

#1. A Socialized Dog

A Socialized Dog

In the world we live in today, it has become increasingly common to excuse ill-bred dogs with behaviors that lie at the bottom of what you can call a socially acceptable normal range of behavior.

But, think about it: Do you think you can bring dogs that like bullying humans, get possessive over things they are not allowed to have and constantly bark?

Well, I don’t see myself walking on the beach and yelling a string of commands at a dog that doesn’t give one ounce of attention to any of your words.

See, if I’m taking my pooch to the beach, I’ll have to allow him to be off-leash and I can only do so if he adheres to social rules of behavior.

#2. Pick the Right Beach

Pick the Right Beach

There’s no denying that the beach is a common option for beating the heat. Plus, running around in the sand, dipping into the waves and fetching balls out of the water represent so much fun for most dogs.

But, before you grab your sunglasses, you need to make sure you are venturing along some dog-friendly beaches.

If you are in for some US vacation with your pooch, here are some dog-friendly beaches:

  • Huntington Dog Beach – California
  • Jennings Dog Beach – Connecticut
  • Jupiter Dog Beach – Florida
  • Jekyll Island – Georgia
  • Montrose Dog Beach – Illinois
  • Kennebunk Beaches
  • Double Bluff Beach – Washington State

What’s more, the beach needs to be reasonably clean.

Now, if you’ve got a dog allergic to crowds, choose a beach that’s least favored by people or visit at a time when you’ll have less chance of crossing with lots of people.

#3. Not All Dogs Can Swim

Not All Dogs Can Swim

Everyone says that dogs are natural swimmers.

It’s true in the sense that if they fall in water unprepared, they can keep their head up and “row” or swim if you prefer with their legs by instinct.

Now, it happens often that after their first-ever dive, some dogs get scared for life and refuse to swim again.

I know many who assume that all dogs inherit that “swimming gene” and have the innate ability to swim.

But the reality is that some breeds such as Corgis and Pugs cannot even swim at all. Sadly enough, there are many cases of dog drowning per year.

By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that if your dog is not really a fan of swimming, you’d have to try your best to spare him from this agony.

#4. Invest in Life Jackets

Invest in Life Jackets

Now, if your dog is indeed fond of swimming and splashing in the water, there’s no need to deprive him of such luxury.

But, given the unpredictability of undercurrents, it is critical to get your dog a life jacket.

#5. Drinking Salt Water Is Forbidden

Drinking Salt Water Is Forbidden

Even in the midst of survival situations, experts strongly recommend against the drinking of seawater.

While we might understand that (even though many don’t), dogs are easily tempted once they are in front of the crystal blue waters.

The only way you can prevent them from lapping up the whole ocean is by bringing along with you lots of freshwater bottles and your dog’s bowl.

#6. Protect Your Dog From the Sun

Protect Your Dog From the Sun

Don’t be selfish, you are not the only one who should be concerned about sunburn.

While some of you might be used to that much sun exposure, your dog needs to be protected from it.

All you need to do:

  • Bring a parasol, a tent or any structure that can provide shade from the sun.
  • Or, you can also buy some special sunscreen designed for dogs.

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