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6 Types of Leashes for Your Dogs

Going out for a walk with our pet should be an outing to enjoy and share a pleasant moment with him. It is also an activity that we repeat several times a day. A good leash will help us create a safe and comfortable bond with our pet and avoid unnecessary pulling or unpleasant mishaps.

Not all dogs are the same, so it is obvious that one leash cannot fit all. You can’t even use the same leash for the whole life of your pet. His size varies according to the growth phase, and his energy and attitude are not the same in the puppy stage as in the adult stage either, so there is a variety.

Today, you will learn more about the 6 types of dog leashes:

1. Nylon sports

2. Metal straps

3. Extensible or flexible

4. Leather

5. Anti-stretch

6. Cord

But first, let’s uncover some characteristics to consider when choosing. Get ready to take some notes! Enjoy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Leash for Your Dog

– Dog size: to choose a leash, you need to know the weight, height and length of your pet.

– Dog behavior: if your dog is docile and obedient, you have endless possibilities, but if your dog has aggressive or elusive tendencies when you walk with him, you will have to control him well.

– Use: before buying a leash, you need to think about how you are going to use it, if it is to train your dog, if you are going to take long walks in the park or forest or if you want to educate him.

– Design: the colors and decorations that the leash can wear are a matter of personal taste.

Types of Dog Leashes

Nylon or Sport

This is perhaps the standard type of leash we all have in mind, as it is the most used for daily walks and basic training. Nylon is a stiff enough material for an adult dog, but light enough for a puppy. It is widely used for Canicross because of the freedom of movement and comfort they provide.

Ideal for: running with your dog

Metal Straps

They are especially suitable for dogs that are used to biting the leash and playing with it when they go out. Especially puppies that start to have this type of behavior, if you use a metal leash, they will remove the urge to bite it.

Ideal for: playful puppies.

Extendable or Flexible

These leashes are very convenient for both the owner and the dog. The latter can be further away than usual and feel more free and independent, since they allow you to vary the length to promote freedom of movement. If what we want is to control our dog, then this type of flexi leash is not strongly recommended, it is only recommended to use them when the dog is obedient and manageable. If the dog is very large and you want a leash of this type, it is best to opt for a leash that is not too long.

Ideal for: docile and obedient dogs.


Leather leashes often attract attention for their pleasing and stylish design, but they are also strong and durable. The strength of leather makes it a very suitable material if you want a leash to control large dogs or dogs with a difficult character.

Ideal for: large or difficult to control dogs.

Training or Anti-Pulling.

Training leashes should be short and very strong. There are some with a knot or without a knot. Depending on the size and strength of the dog, you can choose the material, from nylon, more elastic, to more solid and resistant materials like leather.

Ideal for: training and education of your dog.


These are normally longer nylon or polypropylene straps. They are highly recommended for dogs with a lot of build or a lot of strength, because for owners, they are light, as well as durable.

Ideal for: corpulent dogs or with a lot of strength.

There you are! After reading our article which leash do you think will suit your dog best? Let us know in the comments below.

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