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6 Types of Cat Breeds You Would Want to Have at Home

Having a pet to keep you company can be a real blessing. Not only for the love they give us, but also because we know that we have a living being in our care that we need to take care of.

But sometimes it’s not easy to choose the ideal one for us. And when it is no exception when it comes to selecting from the different cat breeds. For this, it is necessary to be well informed, to know its characteristics and, above all, what kind of requirements it will have, depending on its character and behavior.

We have to be very cautious in making an appropriate decision, and it requires a few serious considerations. Mainly, to know if we ourselves can and are willing to offer the care that our cat needs.

There are several options depending on their characteristics. Let it be clear that here we are not saying that any breed can give us more love and companionship we are looking for, but simply that each breed will adapt better to the personality, age and times you have.

And in today’s article, we will look at 6 types of cat breeds and their different characteristics. Enjoy!

1. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll appears as one of many people’s favorites. Its main characteristic is that it is a calm cat, basically its character. By his name, which means “rag doll”, we can already have an idea of what he is: he tends to fall asleep in the arms of anyone who wants to pamper him.

He tends to get along very well with children, as he is very friendly and calm, and also, mainly, with the elderly. The only “cons” we find among his care is that his hair needs daily attention so that it can be in the best condition.

2. European Shorthair

The European Shorthair is also an ideal choice for those seeking peace and quiet with their pet. It is a strong and robust breed and we see it more and more present in different homes. Although he has an independent character, he is very affectionate and mainly with his master. We can also recognize a great intelligence, sociability, cleanliness and unlike the Ragdoll, his hair does not need so much daily attention.

3. Maine

Another option for quiet breeds of cats is the Maine. It is a very large animal in size and tends to get along very well with other pets that are in the house. Due to its way of being, it does not have major disadvantages to socialize, although it is true that it is a breed with a lot of energy, very dynamic, and it usually needs physical activity and constant play to feel good.

4. Persian

The Persian cat is generally one of the favorites of those who are looking for a calm cat. Her physical beauty is undeniable, as well as her intelligence and calm character. He is usually very cuddly and companion. Although not a very favorable point for their care, this breed needs daily brushing and they are quite prone to diseases.

5. Siamese

The Siamese is perhaps the best known breed of all that we have described. He is without a doubt very personable, very funny and affectionate and they have one of the longest life expectancies, with an average of 15 years. On the other hand, we can say that they are hyperactive, something that usually characterizes cats from Asian breeds.

6. Burmese

Like the Siamese, the Burmese is also of Asian origin and shares many characteristics with it. It is a very affectionate and demonstrative cat in that regard. And have no doubt that it will always be very quiet inside the house, although it enjoys playing a lot. As with other breeds, due to its coat, it will need a daily brushing or at least every 2 days.

Here you go! You now know more about 6 cat breeds you would definitely want to have at home. What other pet do you have? How did you choose his breed before? Let us know in the comments below

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