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6 Things That Cats Hate

If you are a fan of cats, this article is for you. It is known that cats are considered mysterious creatures. Whether it is because of their peculiar character or their mysterious expression, they can be very enigmatic and sometimes we don’t even know who lives with them, what happens to them, what they think or feel.

Yet, there are some things that we know that cats absolutely dislike and it will be great, if you are a cat owner to know about those things. That’s why today, we will share with you what are the known things that cats hate the most. Happy discovery and enjoy the reading!


First of all, what cats hate the most is getting wet, which should not be a surprise for anyone! In other words, cats generally hate water. It’s not that they hate water directly, but they do hate being wet by it.

This includes, of course, showers and splashing. This is mainly thought to be due to the fact that felines are native to desert regions. Other theories state that their respiratory system is very delicate and therefore when they get wet they can get sick quickly, which is definitely a reference to the instinct of this animal.

Loud Noises

Another thing they deeply dislike is very loud noises. And this is because cats have a highly developed sense of hearing, with which noises such as car horns, screams, dog barking and even the vacuum cleaner, cause them discomfort related to stress and anxiety. It is advisable to get them used to these sounds from a young age.

Strong Smells

strong smells

Strong smells are also something they do not tolerate and are closely related to their highly developed senses, in this case, smell. They hate it when humans cook food with garlic, vinegar or onion and also when people smoke near them. That’s why sometimes we can notice them with a bad face near us, it’s nothing else than to make us notice their disagreement.

Lack of Attention

Not paying attention to them can be a “cardinal sin” in our relationship with them. Even though we know they are very independent and need their space, cats hate to be ignored. When they want to be considered, they’ll do anything to make sure you notice, whether it’s pacing around us, meowing, or even being slightly fashionable.

Now, don’t make the serious mistake of paying attention to staring at them, because that’s something they don’t like either. And it is that, for them, direct and sustained eye contact is a sign of dominance and even threat. That’s why, to gain your kitten’s trust, you need to look him in the eye and blink gently when you do. Some say that if she looks back at you and blinks back, it’s like a kiss she’s offering you and you’ve won her friendship.

Dirty Litter Boxes

We also know how clean this sophisticated animal is, and that’s why he hates with all his might the dirty litter boxes where he does his business. Therefore not cleaning litter box before your cats use them will be a serious mistake. As if their litter box is dirty, they will look for new places to relieve themselves.

No Harassment

Felines also don’t like to be heavily handled, and in that sense, while they hate to be ignored and like to be petted all the time, they also don’t like to be harassed or picked up.

For this reason, visits to the vet are not the trips they most enjoy. In order for them not to feel stressed, it is important to get them used to being transported from a young age.

Here you go! Knowing all this, you can now avoid doing things to displease and stress your cats. What does your cat love the most? Share it with us in the comments below.

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